Texas Beer Festival – April 28th Discovery Green

Coming up next month in Houston is the Texas Beer Festival. It’s no hidden fact that we here at YMKM are fans of craft beer. Now, we’re not the kind to go all crazy and drink ourselves into a stupor but we can appreciate a finely hand crafted beer from time to time. Coming up on April 28th at the downtown park Discovery Green the Texas Beer Festival promises to help quench the thirst of many a beer fan.

Beer has been enjoying a bit of a renaissance lately thanks to craft brewers across the country. It used to be that there were only a few choices when you wanted a beer and those choices were pretty limited. As a matter of fact up until recently most people thought all American beer was pretty weak and not worth the time. Not so anymore. Here in Houston we have the countries oldest craft brewer in Saint Arnold. Not to be outdone new breweries are popping up in and around the Houston area. Karbach, Buffalo Bayou Brewing and other new Houston based breweries like City Acre brewing and Lone Pint are rounded out by Katy’s No Label and Conroe’s Southern Star. Of course this list changes daily with new adventurous brewers looking to make high quality craft beer.

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