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Me: On the Bus vs. Everywhere Else
The bus and I are becoming good friends, but the bus is one of those
friends I can’t stand to be around too often or for long periods of
time. And I’ve noticed that I behave very differently on the bus than in
other places I visit in my daily life. I’ve ...
Me: On the Bus vs. Everywhere Else
Me: On the Bus vs. Everywhere Else

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Purse Puppies and Other Transit Pet Peeves
On the whole, transit isn’t so bad.
However, there are certain things that happen on the bus and skytrain that
absolutely drive me crazy! Here are my top seven pet peeves: #7. Eating Alright, I eat on the bus sometimes,
especially if I’m heading home from s...

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Anatomy of a Bus: Where to Sit
I've been riding the bus almost every day for about eight
weeks now, and sometimes I still don’t know where to sit. The first couple
weeks, I sat in the middle of the bus all the time - close enough to see the
road but also near the back door so I could mak...

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