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Decline to State
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Every Man Mirrors Christ in some way. Every Woman banks her happiness on the life of her womb and the strength of her following.  A Mans life is short, made shorter by every moment the monsters of this world pry at the gates of our Mind trying to usurp the divine treasure God establishes us as men at the cost of our continuance and every grain of wisdom smuggled from heaven will turn bitter in the storehouses of a wicked mind.  For while there is little doubt among women that being barren is a curse and as much mock the fall of fertility with the scorn of a whelp, a true father might never hold his child and therefor is forced to conceive them in heaven, he imagines the prospect of love then thinks as how to escape the shackles of the carnal woman who prepares to dive head first in the pit never even witnessing her lend up the prospect as to his love for the child, or the brashness of her own decisions.  So Men despair? The hopes of many women are with You righteous Men, but tread carefully with women she is a Vally of death and the life you need save may be your own she is a predator that savors the blood of the lambs and devourers those immersed in it. Men End Your chivalry. Cease this sacrifice. God take what he will, You should not become the Martyr or sacrifice Your son in Your stead. Don't You know Christ lives stop sacrificing Isac. Sacrificing Men only serves to anger God while Christ left Custodianship to the Kingdom in the hands of each of us. In seeking Men to die I have seen many a woman's Mansion fall into ruin, do you think God would let You become Heavens homeless, because Your hunger for life holds no place in My heart, but Yes I do Love the Living I have. What prophesy do You follow of things to come? I follow that of Isac with hope... that God should halt the hand of the Jews in their Matriarchy heart filled with the scapegoat he yielded who stands in wait of us to stay our hands of the bloodshed of our own sons.  I rejoice that My Heaven is no longer the barren waste that Others prepare in their high hole, they will never find what they expect. Thank You God for giving me sight. Why must God shout to make You deaf, would that You hear his whispers the storm that builds would need not break overhead and the cyclone would not need tear You off into oblivion.