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Talk about a wild and crazy home remodel, walk in to this bathroom and you're standing on a sheet of glass over an elevator shaft! What would you think if you were a guest and walked in to this bath room and found this surprise?
Craziest bathroom ever: It has a glass floor looking down an elevator shaft.

Someone posted this picture to advertise the bathroom vanity. But forget the vanity -- look at that floor!

Could you, uh, "relax" in a bathroom like this?

from Mike Elgan

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This article in gizmodo represents a giant leap forward in exposure for Roboreel, which was recently launched to bring innovative products for the home and do it yourselfers to the market.

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Amazing video of one wheel motorcycle
Ryno Motors Invents World's First One Wheel Electric Scooter

"This electricity powered motorcycle has a range of about 30 miles and can hit a top speed of 25mph. Powered by LiFePo4 batteries, the motorcycle is expected to cost about $3500. The motorcycle features high capacity dual DC motors and controller boards, advanced solid-state motion sensors to maintain constant control of balance loop. All the electronic components inside have been sealed to prevent damage due to shocks." via

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Roboreel includes redundant thermostats to help prevent overheating and a possible fire hazard. The RoboReel Cord Reel makes workshops everywhere safer, more efficient and less cluttered. Roboreel has combined patented technology with industrial-grade design to create the world’s best automatic extension cord manager.

The RoboReel difference begins with safety. Unlike spring loaded reels which produce uncontrolled whipping action that can be harmful to anything in their path, RoboReel employs a motorized, two speed retraction system that slows down to dock eliminating whipping action.

The RoboReel Cord Reel also includes redundant thermostats that prevent overheating and a possible fire hazard and thanks to its patented four wire technology, RoboReel will also shut down immediately if the cord is severed, preventing electrical injuries.

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Roboreel has a "programmable rewind" that lets you vary the rate you retract the electric cord. It's hard to explain and this is definitely shown better by viewing the video.

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Please be sure to cicle the new RoboReel company page - thanks for all your support!
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