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Freelance copy editor specializing in speculative fiction.
Freelance copy editor specializing in speculative fiction.

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Announcing Unearthly Sleuths! Over a dozen creative and talented authors have sent their detectives and investigators to places other than the usual to solve mysteries and puzzles! If you'd like to join them in their sleuthing, have a look here:

Amazon US: (Kindle) (paperback)

Amazon UK: (Kindle) (paperback)

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Call For Submissions - JayHenge Publishing
Calling all ficcers! JayHenge Publishing has several anthologies on the horizon for which they need stories! Your stories!
Anthologies accepting submissions:
*Myths, Monsters, Mutations
Who lurks in the dark? What's that sound? We're looking for your accounts of dark myths, horror and the macabre to delight and frighten!
Sometimes communication is not as straightforward as we might expect. From body language to Morse code, conveying messages comes in a wide variety of forms. How do we get our message across? Whether you're talking with other species on this planet or another, we're looking for your loquacious conversations!
*Sensory Perceptions
Loose your imagination's libido in this very spec-fic collection of erotica tales. Send us your stories! 

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Due to a death in the family and a sudden international move, Unearthly Sleuths has an extended deadline. Get your stories (and your taxes?) in by April 15th. :)

At least four times recently, I've encountered the use of phrases like "the exception that proves the rule" and "the proof is in the pudding". In each of those instances, it was fairly clear that the origins of those phrases, and therefore their meanings, have gotten lost along the way somewhere. So I want to present two articles that discuss these two phrases, and particularly the ideas of proof/prove, in a little more detail.


exception proves rule:

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Swedish gaming magazine Fenix has reviewed Intrepid Horizons! My profound thanks to Tove and Anders Gillbring and reviewer David Bergkvist!

Translation as follows:

Intrepid Horizons – An Anthology is an anthology in English with twenty short stories by fifteen different authors, selected and edited by editor Jessica Augustsson. The name alludes to the collection's theme, of somehow exploring other worlds, and most of the stories are about the moral implications of technology, reflections on what is human, and space colonization. Most can be classified as science fiction, although some of the stories are more science fantasy, urban fantasy, or ghost stories. Several of them also have a horror theme.

Nearly all the stories are very short, only a few pages long, for good or ill. Good, because it's often fun to see a concept presented in as "pure" a form as possible, but ill in that it sometimes leaves one with the feeling, "Oh, is that it?" Personally, I’m among those who can absolutely appreciate a really well-written short story, but generally I like a little more flesh on the bones—10-50 pages per story maybe! The quality of writing in Intrepid Horizons is varied, but most of the stories are very well written.

A couple of the stories are also enticing enough to inspire role-playing scenarios or even whole campaigns.

“Evaluation” and “Memento Mori”, both by Johannes Toivo Svensson, could easily be read as two parts of a thematic series with a background of colonizing a distant world.

“Into Thin Air” by Jessica Augustsson herself, is one of the longer, and also one of the better stories, with two religious aliens at the center.

“To Sail the Comet Roads – A Dream” by Crystal Carroll is perhaps the single most well-written and gripping story in the collection, like a lovely little feel-good gem.

Jessica Augustsson’s editing is completely flawless, nary a typo as far as the eye can see! This is her third similarly compiled collection of short stories and it is clear she knows her business.

The book is available on Amazon, and if you have a Kindle and like SF (which I assume many Fenix readers do!) then I absolutely think this is worth the fifty kronor.


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Third Flatiron Anthologies is open to submissions. Check them out here:

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Gathering Storm Magazine is open to all sorts of entries, from stories to poetry and comics. Have a look!

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Got the itch to write something now that Christmas is over? Check out JayHenge's Unearthly Sleuths! We're accepting stories now, with a deadline of March 1st. We'd love to read your submissions!
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