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IT veteran, dad, and passable cook
IT veteran, dad, and passable cook

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Using the no-fly list to deny gun purchases is a bad idea on multiple levels.  Using a secret list with no transparency into how names get on the list and no process for getting off of the list violates both the 5th and 14th amendments as there is no due process.

Worst case, this politically motivated and misguided attempt at secret gun control may get the no-fly list itself into the courts and potentially struck down as unconstitutional.  Then we'll not only not have the list to weed out potentially criminal gun buyers but we won't have the list to protect the flying public either.

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All I want is food that tastes good.  Is that too much to ask?

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I have a new place to vent.

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Finished "Out of the Dark" by David Weber. Picked it up at the bookstore the other day. Interesting teasers, cool cover, etc. Started out well. Decently entertaining pulpy sci-fi Marines vs Aliens read for about 400 pages. Then went straight into the crapper for the last 40 pages. It's the definition of deus ex machina. Beyond disappointing. I will NEVER buy another of his books. I might toss this one into the recycle bin rather than subject anyone else to such a stupid ending.

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GT vs Clemson

I don't get it. When the Tea Party protests began, they either got zero coverage at all or were dismissed by mainstream media, and the blogosphere, as a bunch of right wing nut jobs. Their message, the original message of the Tea Party before it was co-opted by the extreme right of the Republican party, was that government was doing a crappy job and we needed change. They got called out by left leaning op-ed writers as a bunch of idiotic cranks who had no idea how the world actually works.

Along comes OWS and all of a sudden they're the darlings of the media. They're in touch with the true problems that plague America and we should all throw our full support behind them. They're us, they're the 99%, they represent all that's good and our financial-military-industrial-government complex is all that's wrong with our lives.

I call bullshit. You can sugar coat this all you want. You can take heart wrenching pictures of the woman in the crowd with the little baby that looks so helpless. You can point to the truly tragic and tug on our emotions. But that doesn't make it real. When one person suffers in front of us, it's a tragedy. That doesn't make it a statistic.

I defy the media, and the blogosphere, to report both sides of this. Ask the man in the crowd with his North Face jacket, his iPhone 4, and his Starbucks coffee how bad he has it. Ask the woman with her Coach bag and Steve Madden shoes why she's there. Ask the college kids, living off of their parents money, who's taking notes for them in class on Monday while they pretend to be worldly wise.

Better yet, find the people who are working hard instead of screaming hard and tell their stories. Tell us about the immigrants making better lives for their kids. Or the mom working two jobs to support hers. Or the dedicated researcher, toiling in a lab curing cancer or AIDS or some other horrible disease. Let's talk about the people that are doing something to make the world a better place instead of those people that are just whining about it.

The greatest men are the ones that make us all better for their being here.

The random people adding me to circles is ten times more extreme than the random people who follow me on Twitter. Trust me people, I have nothing useful to say.
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