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Some musings on sports, goverment and audits.

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Sports Teams, Governement and Audits
Now that we are at the end of the NFL drama known as deflategate, I thought I would look to see if there was any kind of records policy for the NFL or for any sports team.  There might be, but my questions to the NFL regarding a records policy was never ans...

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Where is records management heading?
Where is records management heading? This is the question that was asked in 2007 by Frank McKenna of Knowledgeone Corporation. His article  discusses many of the technologies that were (and still are available) in 2007. His predictions about what would shap...

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This thing called records & information management
Some people may wonder about why we do this thing called "records & information management". What is they wonder? Why is it so important? What's in it for me (or your company)? Doesn't it just add to the overhead cost? So why records management?   What is i...

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These are so cute!
Birds with Mustaches!

The Inca Tern has grey feathers, orange beak and feet and....a magnificent white mustache! They are found along the rocky Pacific coastline, from northern Peru south to central Chile.

More pictures!

Photo credit: Annemiek Brink

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This utterly made my morning. David Attenborough pulls a Shatner and does a spoken-word version of What a Wonderful World, over some incredible BBC footage.

It gave me chills.

(Also, Attenborough can make spoken-word cool. Is there no end to the man's powers?)
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