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Yesterday, a colleague of mine had his birthday. I didn't know because Memento didn't show it. That's normal, because I never stored his birthday. So to remember it next year, I wanted to add his birthday only to find out that... his birthday was right there, in my contacts!

Reason is that his birthday was there because of the linked Google+ profile. I had to remove the birthday then re-add it and now Memento shows it.

It would be a good idea - if possible - to read the birthdays from the linked profile as well...

Ever thought of pushing memento to Github? 😀

It would be cool if the notification showed the age of the person(s) whose birthday is today in stead of the number of people celebrating a birthday or name day...

I'm sorry to spam you, I'm just trying several things out. I hope you appreciate it... I also post it in different sections of this community where I believe they should be

In settings, when I select another notification sound, the selection isn't saved: the default sound stays there. "No sound" isn't saved either.

I'm working on a XPeria Z, jelly bean 5.1.1 if that helps...

About the configuration of this page: the Play Store Listing links to which is clearly not to Memento ;-)

I'm now finalising the Dutch translation, but to do this right, I want to know something more about the functionality.

If I select "Namedays will be displayed for stored contacts only" then the names celebrated on a day are only displayed when you have a contact that has his birthday on that day. Is that correct?

When I select "Namedays will be displays for the namedays of all year" then every nameday will be displayed whether there's a contact celebrating his birthday on the same day or not.

I'm not familiar with namedays, but it doesn't make sense to me. I'd expect that if you select "only for stored contacts", then memento would show a nameday if you have a contact with that name. E.g. I activated the Latvian nameday calendar (I can read those characters ;-) ) and I see that June 17 is "Alberts" nameday. I have a contact whose first name is "Albert". If I select "show for contacts only" then I expect that June 17 will be shown in the list because of that contact. But it isn't displayed because I don't have any contact whose birthday is on June 17...

... but it is possible that I misunderstand the concept :-)

Added Dutch translation!

I assume you still use the trello board? The "invalid phone number" issue is back when using the # character :-). I described it in Trello.

I have a remark regarding the automatic addition of breaks:
My Breaks settings are this:
* Default duration: 40 minutes
* Add Automatic breaks enabled
* Add break ever 5 hours
* Pause time 30 minutes.

When I add a break manually without pausing the task (i.e. I open the running taks on the Timer screen, then select New Break and add it) before I worked for 5 hours, the automatic break will be activated anyway. Expected behaviour is that there won't be an automatic break anymore (at least not until the 5 hours after the break end)

When I pause the timer (= start the break) then unpause the timer (= stop the break) before the 5 hour limit, I notice that this automatic break isn't inserted (which is as expected)

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I'm using 3.1.5 Beta 5 (194)
Currently, I have four (!) reminders that are overdue. However, only two are notifying and visible in the notifications. Those two are non-repeating reminders.
The other two are repeating (every week) reminders. In the overview of COL reminder, all four are marked "overdue" but only the two first are appearing in my notifications (and thus I missed the repeating reminders :-) )

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