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Maria Searles
Circling A Dream - Living the Life God intended and designed for me.
Circling A Dream - Living the Life God intended and designed for me.

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When Doubt Whispers
I struggle with doubt.   Anyone else? Not just simple uncertainty or
momentary hesitation but debilitating doubt.   Doubt that leaves me absolutely paralyzed.   Often the biggest obstacle hindering us from
living out the life God has planned and designed fo...

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Mother of the Year So, I have a confession. I thought this post was for you. I knew God
laid it on my heart and I bathed it in prayer. Yet, it did not flow eloquently
or effortlessly. I struggled with it. It consumed me. I wrote and I revised and
I wrote an...

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February 15, 2014 Why, O LORD, do you stand far away?   Why do you hide yourself in times of trouble?"
Ps 10:1 Some days it seems as though sorrow is a permanent fixture.
It welcomes you as you rise, hangs on your walls, and follows you through your
day. So...

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Good-bye Zio
February 13, 2014 My very first post -this is very intimidating. There is an
expectation of greatness which I am sure is completely self-imposed. In the
past, this thought has hindered me from getting started, but not today.   There will probably not be gre...
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