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Just started a Darths & Droids wiki over on wikia, if any of you would like to have fun filling it up with information about characters and plot and stuff. (Someone requested it, so we thought: why not?!)

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The good folks at Star Wars Uncut have just announced The Empire Strikes Back Uncut! Most of the scenes have been claimed already, but we got in quick enough to claim scene 385, in which Lando inspects Han after carbon freezing and says he's in perfect hibernation. We'll be filming and uploading our version of this scene for the Uncut project in the next few weeks!

Don't do that!
If you do, you'll die.

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We're pleased to release a new original Darths & Droids song: Buzz Buzz! Written by us and performed by a good friend of ours, Evan Dean, from the band The People People.

There's also an info page with lyrics, but we strongly recommend you download and listen to the song before peeking at the lyrics, for maximum enjoyment. :-)

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Okay, round 3 of the ComicMix March Madness Webcomics Tournament is up for voting. We need your help to compete against the might of Penny Arcade.

Wow, we beat Ctrl-Alt-Del! But we're up against Penny Arcade in the next round. Better pull all the stops out for that one.
We realise this is just a measure of which comics can mobilise more fans to vote, and CAD probably didn't bother trying, but it's still fun. :-)

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Apparently we're in the ComicMix March Madness Webcomics Tournament. And you can vote for us in the current round! (Well, if you wish to... no pressure...) Game 24: we're up against the behemoth of Ctrl-Alt-Del

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An Android app developer is using our comics, plus those of many other webcomic creators, without permission or even prior knowledge, and making money off it with advertising. We've contacted the developer and asked him to remove Darths & Droids from the app. You may want to spread the word to other webcomic communities.

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To celebrate the release of The Phantom Menace in 3D, we're rereleasing Darths & Droids, digitally remastered in glorious 3D!

Seeing Phantom Menace in 3D tonight (Friday 10 Feb)! If you're in Sydney, meet us at Macquarie Centre at 9:15. Hopefully we'll be obvious enough. :-)
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