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I like to create things
I like to create things

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you. can. do. it. Ordinary People Are Living Extraordinary Lives and So Can You!

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How I earn passive income

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Guys, you know me, I'm not the sort of guy that says, "d'you wanna make some money?" But I am going to say, "do you want to make some money?"

I've just moved to Teachable and it's awesome. I've also got a new program out (not a course, a program, because it's a course PLUS a private Facebook group) on self-publishing.

I've been publishing books on Amazon (8 books in all, most bestsellers) for 3 years and I'm also a moderator on Pat Flynn's private self-publishing group on FB so, if I don't know something about self-publishing, I'll know someone who does. So, it's a good program.

I also GUARANTEE an Amazon bestseller for anyone who completes the course.

So, if any of you guys would like access to the program FOR FREE (because +Mark Timberlake's community is SO cool) then let me know.

But... even more importantly, if you wanted to promote this course to your list or following, I'll give you 50%. How about that? You could make around $25 for everyone you sell. Just a thought :)

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Make sure your first book on Amazon is a bestseller this year! Hurry, to get your early bird discount! 

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10 Photos - View album

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You don't have to buy that over-price behemoth! #photoshop  

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How to get web design work to do from home

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The free launch or the $1 launch, that is the question. with +Jyotsna Ramachandran

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Find out the best way to transition from a corporate career to a successful entrepreneur.

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Escape Your Corporate Career to Work For Yourself – Amazon FBA, outsourcing and UI case studies

Welcome to the exciting, hair-raising unpredictability that is your new life.
Leaving a job and joining the swelling ranks of the new entrepreneurial class will not be without its challenges, but you’re OK with that.
One thing is certain: life will never be the same again.
As with Mads Singers, a Dane who didn’t hate his good job with IBM in London, but thought he could help more people by setting up on his own consulting business.
Or as with Brian Creager, who was living the American dream with a high six figure salary, a wife, and two children to look after. He set up a successful men’s hair care product line while still at his day job.
No one regrets the decision to free themselves. You’ll find great advice plus stories of their unique challenges and triumphs in these “Freedom Case Studies”.
Maybe the thought of leaving work and setting up your own business is completely new to you. Or maybe you’ve thought about it for years. Either way, there are some differences in your life; you don’t think the same as everyone else.
Do you want to escape your job? Do you want to earn money on the side? Do you want to improve your business or take it to the next level? 
This course will add freedom to your life. If you want to leave your job and set up a business, this is the course for you. And if you’re already on the journey, I can point you in the right direction … towards the heavens. 
There are many rags to riches stories in entrepreneurial broadcasts. It’s occasionally inspiring to hear how some guy “crushed it” and is now making millions from a yacht in the Bahamas. But real success is usually unspectacular, slow, and sustained. It’s about consistently providing value and being honest.

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