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DUI, Criminal and Traffic defense trial lawyer in the Chicago area
DUI, Criminal and Traffic defense trial lawyer in the Chicago area

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Just like DUI?

Dear Ann Coulter: How many f---ing Jews? I don't know. Let's think about it. I mean, you're right. Jews are a tiny part of the American populace. Why do they matter? I mean if you were just talking about asking why Israel matters, I guess I could go on and on about the strategic partnership, the bastion of freedom in the Middle East, but that's not what you were talking about. 
You were talking about those f---ing Jews.
Hayim Salomon. That f---ing Jew. Without him, there wouldn't be an America, because if armies march on their stomachs, that f---ing Jew funded the American revolution. Oh, and he mostly went and secured f--ing Jewish funds to do it too. Don't forget that.
How about Robert Oppenheimer and Albert Einstein? Those f---ing Jews, without which I wonder how much longer, how many more deaths would have been seen from WWII, and how dominant American military power would have been for your entire existence. 
Wow. How did I skip that f---ing Jew Edward Teller, noted physicist and father of the hydrogen bomb and also of the Strategic Defense Initiative?
Vaccines have been a hot topic you've commented on - ever hear of that f---ing Jewish American Jonas Salk? 
You're a big capitalist like me, right? I wonder if you ever stop to think of that f----ing Jew economist Milton Friedman, that great champion of the free market.
Love music? Whatever you love likely owes a debt to those f---ing Jews Irving Berlin, the f----ing Jewish brothers Ira and George Gershwin (I personally might include Billy the f---ing Jew Joel here, but that's just me). 
I'm a lawyer, so I may as well mention all those f---ing Jewish Supreme Court Justices from Brandeis to Ginsburg and Kagan (yeah, I'm not crazy about their politics, but that's not really the point is it - they're still f---ing Jewish Americans that matter).
How about Sandy Koufax? Hank Greenberg? Mark Spitz? Sid Luckman (Go Bears!)? Mo Berg? Larry Krayzelburg? Max Baer? Those f---ing Jews.
I hear you're a spiritual person, so maybe you've heard of those giant spritual Jews (I can't bring myself to write your cute little Bakeresque epitaph) Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson (known worldwide simply as the Rebbe) and Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik (known worldwide simply as the Rav)? No? Nu?
In short, Ann Coulter, the answer to your question is that those f---ing Jews aren't, and have never been, about numbers. It's about contribution to society, bettering our world and you are darned right our opinions matter - we make sure of that. 
Happy Sabbath.

My (now) open letter to American Jewish Congress President Jack Rosen. Feel free to re-share.
Dear Mr. Rosen,
  I read your response to Mr. Huckabee's comments regarding the dangers to Israel from the Iran nuclear deal recently announced. Your comments, spoken as the president of American Jewish Congress, do not reflect my opinion, that of many Jews in my community here in the greater Chicago area, and certainly not those who are children and grandchildren of survivors. Over the past few days, I have spoken with Jews from all walks of life. From black-hat orthodox, to modern orthodox, to conservative, reform or non-practicing, whether they are life-long Democrats or newly minted Republicans, are major Obama supporters or love Ted Cruz, they have one thing in common - they love and cherish the State of Israel. A very few felt that Mr. Huckabee's comments were a bit of hyperbole and perhaps not very "PC", but even those had to admit that he did not directly compare the Iran deal to the Holocaust. Instead, Mr. Huckabee said that by proceeding with such an ill-conceived deal, President Obama will "take the Israelis and march them to the door of the oven." 
  You may not appreciate this emotionally charged rhetoric, but I certainly do. You see, every time I visit my parent's home, I see a picture of my Zeidi not much older than my oldest child is now. In the photo, Dan Fagan, obm, stands in front of a large group of Jewish people gathered on the street. He stand on a Polish street, not long before the German invasion to come, railing against the outrageous treatment of the Jews of Europe and decrying the Nazi danger. Few listened to him, including his entire family and nearly all of my Bubbe's very large family. They could not envision such an inconceivable thing. Most instead were entranced by another voice speaking at about this same time. Just as there certainly are Jews today who will back this deal no matter what, merely because it has President Obama's imprimatur. Those Jews listened to Neville Chamberlain waving "the piece of paper that bears his [Hitler's] name upon it, as well as mine" before an adoring and hopeful crowd, while proclaiming that he had achieved a noble dream - "peace for our time."  Of course, though many believed in Chamberlain just as many believe in Barack Obama today, he achieved nothing of the sort. No doubt, precious few of those who heard my Zeidi speak that day survived through the coming few years. 
  No. What's coming is not the Nazi Holocaust. Unlike Chancellor Hitler in 1938, the Ayatollah Khameni constantly calls for the utter destruction of Israel, and did so this week. And again, no - the Israeli people are no docile lambs to be led to the slaughter ever again by anyone - they can and will fight. But that means that first, they must not be deceived. American Jews must not be deceived, as they were in 1938; lulled into the security of sheep's wool draped over a ravenous wolf. Iran doesn't want to sneakily destroy the Jewish people over time bit by bit just as they've finally now re-established a pre-Holocaust population size. Iran wants the return of the 12th Imam, the Madhi, the Caliph. They desperately want Armageddon, and their leadership fully believes that by instigating war and attacking Israel, they will achieve that end. The Iran deal starts by handing a reported $150 billion US dollars to Iran with no restrictions whatsoever, like some sports contract signing bonus. Can there be any doubt how those funds will be used by what the US State Department calls the world's "most active state sponsor of terrorism"?
  This will not be a slow and steady march over years. This will be a puff of smoke rising over the horizon suddenly one horrific morning and a sad newspaper headline. That's the Iranian vision, and this is no time to play politically correct and sensitive. This is a time for the Jewish leadership of today to be Dan Fagans, not Neville Chamberlains. In my opinion, Mr. Huckabee is not likely to win the GOP nomination for the Presidency, but I believe G-d pushed him to run so that he would have the public platform to sound this alarm. This is not politics. This is existential. Please sir, as you purport to represent the Jewish people in some capacity, be a Jew first, and a political activist second.

Steven H. Fagan
Attorney at Law

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It's true. I got misty-eyed. 

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Want to know the real dirty little secret why Chicago PD is targeting low-income neighborhoods for DUI roadblocks, even though they know DUI is more likely in more affluent neighborhoods? Here's why. 

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We have a new Google+ business page. The old one is gone. What's different? More LawyerMagic™ of course!

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complex caring soul
deeply introspective heart
kind and feeling mind
- an original haiku because why not?

Dear open carry advocates who go out and open carry solely to make a show and create an incident. Congrats morons. #carrytoprotect 
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