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Ron Licata
Mayor of Simpleton, father and hack golfer
Mayor of Simpleton, father and hack golfer

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We all see how power corrupts even the well intended on a daily basis, but here is proof that absolute power corrupts absolutely... on a grand scale. Peeps in Kentucky need to contact their politicians via social media and push them to pass this throgh Congress ASAP!
Jon Stewart made his first guest appearance on The Daily Show last night.

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Check out WIRED's article that may prove the identity of bitcoin's creator!

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"Not only do I believe in something, I believe in it enough that I'm willing to set my own life on fire and burn it to the ground." -- Edward Snowden to WIRED.

With Google's announcements to stop pushing people to switch to Google+ not to mention the lay off Google+ employees, I have decided to lay off Google+. Not that I posted here much anyway, but I will remain on the usual social channels: Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

If a company with deep pockets like Google cannot figure out how to make Google+ function as a social sharing app there is no hope for it. And I encourage you to do the same.

Honestly, that would be like Apple trying to figure out how to socialize user's music songs and playlists. Uh, wait . . .

Later Google+


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Samsung Gear looks a lot like the item featured in @WIRED's Release Notes from our recent Wearables issue ( Jan 2014 )

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Starting to get the hang of flying this micro quad copter. Only problem is the constant calibrating. :/

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A WIRED science promotional pen that expands/collapses #fungadget

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Know your limitations

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Monkeys are the craziest peoples!
The brave and Naughty Monkey vs Tigers:
Animated Photo

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