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I know I'm always on here complaining about Pandora to +Jeff Powell so I thought I would mention that Grooveshark is annoying too.

Type 'and one' into the search and you get:
Over and Over
Three Days Grace • One-X
I Wanna Be the One
fun. • Aim and Ignite
Girl With One Eye
Florence and The Machine • Lungs

Absolutely nothing to do with And One. At all.

Type '"and one"' into the search and you get:
And One
Linkin Park • Songs From the Underground
And One
Linkin Park • Hybrid Theory EP
And One
Linkin Park • Unknown Album

A bunch of songs called And One which I guess is okay but eh.

Type 'and one' into the search and then type 'and one' into the Filter and now you get:
Military Fashion Show
And One • Bodypop
And One • Deutschmaschine
Steine Sind Steine
And One • Bodypop


On Pandora this works the way I'd expect, where typing 'and one' pops up And One (artist) as "Top Hit" and then below it an assortment of songs including "And One" in the name.

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I got a kick out of the announcers of the Michigan at Nebraska game making such a big deal out of the "sea of red" referring to the 86,160 attendance for Nebraska. The last time a Michigan home game was so poorly attended was 1943.

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As a part of beginning to fail less at interior decorating, I've also begun to fail less as a chef after being introduced to the crock pot. Seriously, crock pots are the bomb. And I can poach my own eggs now +Tyler Peck . :)
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