(If you've seen this twice, forgive the repost. I didn't intend to initially share it privately)

+Bjorn Andersson is a wizard who is somehow putting together the numerous and complicated prereqs for the wcn36xx driver so it will work on the apq8064 (which is what the 2013 Nexus7 uses). Never have I been so baffled by all the various parts required to get a wifi driver going. He's explained it three or four times and I still probably couldn't draw you all the parts involved.

But hey.. here it is.. actually working!

Well.. I still have some android userspace work to do. It currently only likes ipv6 sites, and ipv4 addresses won't route for reasons unknown. And getting the wifi up is a bit of a manual ordeal for now.

But slowly this is getting close to something I'll be able to sit on the couch and use!

So with my 4.6-rc2 tree, previously it was ~50 patches. With Bjorn's wifi code all merged in its closer to ~100. As I said, its a really complicated wifi driver. Many many thanks to +Bjorn Andersson / +Bjorn Andersson (too many g+ accounts out there), Pontus Fuchs, and other contributors for getting this all working!
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