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Looking for an awesome job as a PHP developer in the UK? Apply for +Symless at 

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Some nice looking icon packs
ARTo Icon Pack Giveaway! I've decided to spread ARTo around a bit. So if you help me, you can get 1 of 100 free copies of this revamped unique Icon Pack.

It's very simple! Just help me to share the icon pack around by +1, comment and sharing :) If you do all three steps, I will put your name to online random generator and announce winners on 30th April

Check also a new ARTo Icon Pack community:

If there is one thing I like, then it is the new Google Plus design. It is looking pretty awesome! :-)

BUG Report: The notification which says that a tweet was sent can't be swiped away.

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Hello guys. I have recently seen that the project already has a great website but is made with HTML. I would really like to reprogramm it to PHP for easier maintenance and also I'd like to get a better URL system. Currently it always shows 'index' along with the file association. Wouldn't it be better if it was like instead of

The one who is responsible for the website might write me a PM if he/she is interested in this.

Just found under developer options in Android M the option 'System Tuner' which allows you to customize your Quick Settings. But currently, it isn't working well. But anyways, Awesome 👌

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Ich versuche gerade Google Partner zu werden, jedoch hänge ich bei der Unternhemenszugehörigkeit. Wie soll ich mich einen Unternehmen anschließen, wenn ich mehr oder weniger als Einzelperson agiere?
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