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Submit a comment in favor of the EPA's proposed climate change emission standards.  This is probably our best chance of having a meaningful climate change reduction from the US as a whole given the political situation.

Indiana Jones only called himself an archaeologist because "burglar and whip enthusiast" looks terrible on a business card.

Thank you for this gem of wisdom.

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What a nice and succinct way to put internet privacy into perspective.

Edit: huh, not the comic I originally thought would be shared... fixed.

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Everyone should be against censorship. Particular stuff like this which puts it without accountability into the hands of any corporation.
Wednesday, January 18th Reddit is going on blackout to protest #SOPA and raise awareness about what it means. You can join in on FB and G+.

1. Read this article -

2. On Jan 18th, Post the photo below (it's also in the article) along with this link so people can learn more about SOPA and pressure Congress to vote NO on SOPA.

3. Share this. I don't care if you h/t me. That's not the point. But spread the word.

Ben Huh just announced on Twitter that all Cheezburger Network sites will be on #Blackout on January 18th. As more sites declare, I'll post 'em.

Laws would be better if the people writing them thought of their worst enemies being in a position to enforce said laws against them.

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I don't normally get up on a soap box but this is relevant AND funny (if you don't think too hard about the fact that it might come true).

Seriously though. Everyone that posts to the internet and/or enjoys stuff posted by others (other than corporations that is), is impacted by this.

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Is it just me, or shouldn't g+ be smart enough to collect re-shares into a single view?

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Support charity and indie developers. Name your price and distribution of money for 5 DRM free, cross platform games (yes, linux too!).
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