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Timothy Miscovich
American Football Player in Germany
American Football Player in Germany

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Finding yourself
Nobody is perfect and everybody fails at some point in their life, because at the end of the day we are all humans. This season hasn't really gone according to plan and there are a number of excuses being made, but at the end of the day an excuse doesn't re...

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A message to his mother-Durrell Givens
I think that this blog from Durrell is perfect. This is what it should be about, and I am so proud to call this guy a friend. I think he speaks for all of us imports! Make sure to remember what is truly special in life, and thank your parents, grandparents,...

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Start of Something New-Durrell Givens
I want to start by apologizing for the long has been quite chaotic lately, however the blog will be picking up momentum again and come the end of July it will be back to full speed! So without further ado here is the first real blog in a whil...

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Cutters X40 Solid-Equipment Review
New Product review video up from our equipment partner . The Play-makers blog can be seen here: Playmakers Blog I will give a quick summary for those of you who can't speak German: The video features Playmakers owner Pascal Heck (L) and Germa...

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Here. We. Go.-James Peterson
Hallo! Ich hoffe, dasse alle gut geht! My Deutsch is coming along... BUT I am really good at Google translate... if that is something someone can actually be good at. That being said, I just wanted to give another quick update, in English, because things ar...

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Tribble Reese The Renaissance Man
Wait, what...Germany? It all started back in December of 2013. I had
never even heard of the German Football League but an old mentor from high
school called me asking if I would be interested in playing football in
Germany.  Now I haven't played organized ...

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Coach Moody partners with WBGR Sports
I am happy and proud to announce that Coach Gil Moody has agreed to a partnership with WBGR Sports Network ( ). I have been fortunate enough to know Coach Moody for around 15 years. He was my coach on day 1 of my football career, ...

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Sean Shelton's Reaction To His First IFAF Game
Sean is a guy I met through Europlayers. He played his college ball at William Jewell College and is a fellow Floridian! We have had some good discussions, so I asked him to write a little blog and give an insight into his first experiences of playing in Fr...

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Cast is off!
On this beautiful morning at 8:45am my cast was removed! The moment when it was removed, was one of the happiest moments I have had in a while, that thing was really a downer on my mood. I want to thank the very handsome Janes Spegg (Right Guard) for his as...

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Tyler Phillips is Totally Committed
I was fortunate enough to play with Tyler last season in Frankfurt, and I can say first hand that he is one of the hardest working guys on and off the field! He plays every snap with intensity, but Football doesn't define him! Read more to learn about Tyler...
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