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Who doesn’t like free stuff? Most people can hardly resist free apps and software, especially when it is so easy to download. But did you know “free” could cost your cyber security big time? In 2014, it was found that several flashlight apps were being used to spy on smartphone users. These apps, designed by hackers, were being used to collect personal information such as, bank account information from smartphone users. Although this wasn’t the f...
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Marijuana may still be illegal according to federal law but in recent times there has been a very strong trend where we see more and more states relaxing their laws as it concerns the controve…
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Twenty years ago if you wanted to get marijuana you practically had to dress in a black hooded sweatshirt and pants, commission an unmarked vehicle and travel to the darkest street corner in the worst neighborhood in order to sneakily purchase a dime bag. It was either that or building up the courage to visit your local drug dealer’s ‘not so incognito’ basement apartment and pray that he didn't get raided by the police before you were able to lea...
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How to improve your business media presence, and the benefits of media richness.
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In 2016, out of all the social media platforms, Snapchat is the one to watch. With over one hundred million daily users, Snapchat allows you to have a distinct and unique voice in a competitive market. Now rivalling Facebook, the instant video messaging site has revolutionised how marketers do business. By using Snapchat, you can bring your customers behind-the-scenes of your business and give them a rare insight into your day to day life. Snapch...
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Before there was Choxi, Groupon, or Living Social, there was one industry disruptor: Woot. Woot's daily deal launched in 2004 (Amazon bought the company for $110 million in 2010). Today, daily deals and flash sales are the norm, with myriad ecommerce sites using daily deals and flash sales as a means to spur buyer behavior, The statistics: There are over 500 daily deal sites in America. 56% of businesses have higher click-to-open rates from flash...
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Written by: Disha Dinesh The perfect business plan is the one that writes itself with little support from you or external factors. Essentially, it is leveraging available resources and filling all the right gaps in your market – from production and marketing perspectives. Your organization has untapped social capital in its employees. Did you know that your employees could boost your social visibility by up to 561%? Think about it. Say your brand...
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In such a dynamic industry like social media marketing is, it is difficult to predict trends with 100% accuracy. However, we can get an idea of what they are likely to be based on recent developments. Rather than speculate on potential breakthroughs in technology that may be some way off (such as artificial intelligence in content generation replacing humans), we have tried to focus on a list of 5 trends that we think are certain to develop or co...
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Consumers and Journalists Are Rattled Lately there’s been a lot of chatter around what constitutes editorial and what is advertising, not only from the perspective of the consumer, but journalists, too, are annoyed. Some suggest that if content is paid for, it is inevitably unreliable and worthless. Plus, as brands learn to more politely engage consumers with branded content instead of in-your-face banner ads, they’ve learned that promoting that ...
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How to improve your business media presence, and the benefits of media richness.
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For the most part, the IoT (Internet of things) is awesome. It’s responsible for Google Glass, Fitbit, and a number of soon-to-be-developed smart items for your home and work life. Unfortunately, not all is rainbows and talking toasters in the world of IoT, as internet-connected devices are potential targets for hackers and other security threats. There’s no stopping the IoT, and let’s face it: why would we want to stop it, so it’s important to r...
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By Ryan Buckley The intersection of content marketing and social media is clear at every corner of the internet — from Facebook ads to Pinterest deals to LinkedIn articles. Content marketing is an essential component to every brand's strategy, while social media channels provide the outlets to amplify a brand's message. When used correctly, social media can inform and guide your content marketing strategy. Essentially, you want to treat each plat...
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"In everything technique is everything." - Andre Bourque
Andre is a Social Media Marketing and Inbound Marketing Specialist. He is a frequent blogger on social media marketing trends, technologies and events in the San Francisco Bay Area


Let's do something gr8 w/ your company | SF Inbound Marketing Expert | Aikido gives me peace / yoga gives me flexibility / faith gives me hope

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