I wrote a Death & Dismemberment Table for DCC.

Roll on this table after a character has been saved by healing magic, fleeting luck, or rolling over the body. The dice-type for the roll is determined by the character administering the life-saving aid, and the roll is modified by the Luck score of the dying character.

Most characters are untrained in medical care, and so roll a d10. Characters from some occupations - alchemist, barber, butcher, dwarven apothecarist, elven sage, halfling chicken butcher, healer, herbalist, shaman - are considered trained, and so roll a d20.

Clerics always roll a d20 + CL. Thieves roll the dice-type indicated by their "cast spell from scroll" ability, unless granted a superior dice-type by their occupation. Wizards roll the dice-type indicated by their occupation, but may improve it by +1d for each necromancy spell they have an arcane affinity for, to a maximum of d30.

On average, the results of this table are equivalent to the automatic 1 point loss in the DCC core rules - but any individual roll might produce results that are worse, the same, or better than the result listed in the core rules. Low-level characters are likely to get worse results than the following the core rules, while high-level characters are likely to to experience better.
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