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Douglas Schepers
A good example of a bad example.
A good example of a bad example.

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It would be nice if you could append a note to people you follow why you are following them. I'm curious why certain strangers are following me (and blocking anyone who smells like SEO).

In Facebook, I only "friended" people I actually knew (or had known). I restricted my LinkedIn connections to people I had actually done business with, and didn't think were sketchy. On Twitter, I added people based on whether their tweets were or might be interesting (and kept the number small so I could actually read them). Still sorting it out on G+… I'm adding mostly people I know, or at least have had conversations with, to my circles (though I've put a couple of well-known authors in my "Following" circle), but several people I don't know have added me to their circles, more like Twitter.
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