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Will Hindmarch
Freelance writer, designer, and mooncalf.
Freelance writer, designer, and mooncalf.

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Heads up — I'm having some trouble getting everyone approved for the Project: Dark community right now. Some accounts revert right back to applicants for some reason, and it seems to be those accounts with no avatars, mostly. It might just be choking on the volume of new people in the queue? Please bear with G+ and me as we work on it. Thanks!

Why can't I figure out how to pin posts to a community page in the new G+?

Why isn't the "Communities" anchor at the top-left of the new-style G+ page a link? Why can't I click it to go to my communities?

Why can't I drag images into a post to post them? Is that not a thing anymore?

Am I the only one finding it more difficult or ornate to find and see the activity on a post?

By and large, I like the mobile-inspired look of the new G+, but I'm a little confused still, FWIW.


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The Envoy programming is pretty fascinating — I'm excited to see it grow!
Needed: Envoy Ambassadors

Please reshare this message as far as possible; if everyone in my circles reshares, I should reach more than half of the gamers in the United States!

Hi everyone,

We still have 16 regions across the U.S. in which we have not appointed an Ambassador for Envoy. The qualifications for the job are:

1) Enthusiasm to grow the gaming hobby
2) A basic understanding of conventions and groups in the region
3) An hour or two per week to work with us as the face of the program for the region - mostly via email and video conference

These are the regions for which we would consider Ambassador applications:

Maine & New Hampshire
Vermont & Northern New York
Montana, North Dakota & Northern Wyoming
Kansas & Oklahoma
Colorado & Southern Wyoming
Idaho & Utah
Northern California & Northern Nevada

Please apply using the regular Herald form at: and write that you are applying to be an Ambassador in the notes.

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Will I see you at #metatopia2014  this weekend?

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ICYMI, the first two parts of my 200-level course (well, "course") on the GUMSHOE system, developed during design on Eternal Lies and Dark and Razed, are now up to read on Medium.

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Still working on my presentations and adventures for #Metatopia2014 but along the way I wrote a bunch of stuff about #GUMSHOE , with more still to come. A lot of this crystalized for me by working on Eternal Lies and Dark and Razed. I'm trying to externalize stuff I do internally here.

And I'm just getting started. Part three will come after Metatopia and part four will come after part three.

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In which +Kenneth Hite and +Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan combine forces with that Bram Stoker (not on G+) to brilliantly reignite our love and fear of vampires...
Dracula is not a novel. It's the censored after-action report written by Bram Stoker after Operation Edom, a failed attempt by British Intelligence to recruit a vampire in 1894. Edom is still trying -- it's up to you to stop them, and kill Dracula for good. The Dracula Dossier is an improvisational, collaborative campaign for my vampire spy thriller RPG Night's Black Agents. It's two books -- the full version of Stoker's report (Dracula Unredacted) and a compendium (The Director's Handbook) of hundreds of encounters: shady NPCs, conspiratorial organizations, dangerous locations, and eldritch artifacts, any one of which might be completely innocuous or a minion of Dracula.

And by an odd coincidence, The Dracula Dossier is Kickstarting now. I'd appreciate your plusses, shares, plugs, shout-outs, and oh yes your cold hard promises of cash.

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Hearing your characters talk? That’s magic. I got to hear magic today.

My friend, producer Erin Kahoa, is part of the creative team behind the beautiful, sordid podcast called PleasureTown. They’re building a fictional town out in the dust of Oklahoman history by creating the characters who built that town from nothing. It’s a hell of a thing.

PleasureTown the podcast isn’t built from nothing, of course. It’s built from ashen earth and sweating words and drawling voices flickering by the mic. The PleasureTown producers spend nights with ears bent toward the sound of an imaginary place, their eyes aching in the light of their software, conjuring folk out of dust and prose. The town was founded for those who wanted the freedom to do as they wilt — to do all or nothing, create or ruin — but the show was made to tell a story made of stories.

It’s a remarkable mix of voices and tales out there in PleasureTown and I am humbled to be one small part of it with the piece I wrote of the episode called "Pushing Upstream." What I wrote is a patch of grass and dandelions; it’s the breath of the performers wafting through it that makes it beautiful.

Go out there, listen close, and heed what you hear. PleasureTown’s got a lot more stories planted in its fields, walled up inside, and bottled up behind the bars — and some of them might be yours.
PleasureTown is a place where we can sing yarns, spin songs, and paint the planks how we like. PleasureTown’s populace lives in us, roaming around like devils who hopped off our shoulders. PleasureTown lives on the air.

Thanks for listening.

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I'm giving a couple of presentations and playing some games at #Metatopia2014  — a wonderful gaming festival.
Hi folks,

METATOPIA has absolutely exploded this year, with over 150 designers and other gaming professionals. The hotel was sold out weeks ago, and we're very excited about the convention!

We have worked very hard to get all of the playtests scheduled, but a few thing have slowed us down this week, and so we're going to have to delay the posting of the Master Schedule. We're hoping for Friday, but it may be as late as Sunday.

Even if we post the Master Schedule on Sunday, everyone will have plenty of time to complete their personal schedules in the few days before the convention. And we'll keep pre-registration open until at least the Wednesday morning (Nov. 5).

If you have any questions, feel free to reply!
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