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Life is what we don't like (Not of what we think it should be liked)
by: Lavi Singh What are you afraid of? Are you scared of the
dark, pain, loneliness or failure? Or scared of mice, cockroaches,
snakes, or scorpions? Tel me, what are you
really afraid of? Being poor and next to nothing, whose
voice is hardly heard by the r...

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Trying to sing air supply for the first time... some sort of stress reliever :-) 

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What is happening with our
mainstream media nowadays? Instead of giving credible news they’re giving
misleading or even fake information that could corrupt the minds of innocent
people. It is so sad to know that instead of working hand in hand, some of them...

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By: Lavi Singh “I want to spread my wings but I just can’t fly, …my precious wings are broken tired…” I believe I can fly to touch my best friend, the blue
sky. I believe I can soar high and meet the daylight ‘till
moonlight, I believe I really can….     Bu...

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When a Goddess Fall in Love
Love is so scary . I said "NO". Love hurts . I said not that much. Love makes you bad . I said not really..   ...unless you're weak and selfish, who doesn't know the value of sacrifice. One of our purpose here is to love and to be loved. Some of us get scar...

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Posted by    : Leony Moonrose Courtesy of : Lavi Singh “Love is just a rain drop, you can keep in empty bottle but you can’t save on dry floor” Lavi Every time we fall in love, we enter in dreamland,
a world of fairy tale.  In that kind of
world, everythi...

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Live your life with a hopeful heart..

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by: Lavi Singh From
a distance… Where
the sea meets the skyline, The
wave of hope starts to smile As
it touches the shore where a man is standing by beneath
a sunless sky… Is
he waiting for something? or a moment? The
cool breeze of the wind gently kissed h...

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Sorround yourself with people who make you laugh.
Learn from the bad and focus on the good.
Love the people who treat you right and pray for the ones who don't 
Above all, always wear your best suit...your SMILE :) Happy Easter to all who celebrate it... God bless xx

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Happy Valentines Day everyone.. this day is not only exclusive for lovers.. try to extend a hand and share your love to the unloved.. it would surely make a difference :)
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