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1 - With "swipe up on home button" enabled - when on the google app located left of the homescreen ( ie old google now ) , the "swipe up" gesture is not working. You must go back to the homescreen before it will work. This DOES work if you open the google app via the app icon ...( or any other app )

2 - when accessing notification settings via the "manage notifications" shortcut at the bottom of the notifications shade - as the settings window opens and the list of recent apps that have had notifications appears, after a second or two, there is an odd "pulse" of the toggle button colouring.. no funcitonality issues... just an odd look.

3 - When in the app switcher... if you swipe left / right to get to the app you want to maximise and then tap on the app you want to maximise, the animation is very smooth... but if you swipe down to maximise ( instead of tapping ), the animation seems jerky because the navigation bar / status bar don't fade into the the appropriate colour scheme as the app maximises...... they stay translucent until a fraction of a second AFTER the app has finished maximising and then change colour in a blink...

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Loving new folders!! Thanks Andrea!!



I have a 2013 nexus  wifi

I have run through the installer and everything worked fine... but it got stuck in bootloop (spinning cm logo ) after the install.

I have restarted in recovery mode and rerun the installer again.. recognised the device and looked to go through fine ....but same result.. :(

Support Token: 90909930-cf82-49c9-b1e5-c230c8d427d8

any ideas? :)

Thanks heaps.


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