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In the Short Box: Quality and Stuff
The Theme is Quality I will preface this post by saying that I was extremely saddened when I heard that Comics and Cola was shutting down. I’ve been lost ever since, erring on the internet trying to find good sources of review of alternative comics and have...

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Changing the Tune: Better Comics than DC Rebirth you Buy for the Same Price!
conversation surrounding DC Rebirth is irritating me to no end. This comic appears to address the failings of the DC Comics of the past decades by actively  refusing  to do any sort of introspection. It fixes problems by creating more and misunderstandi...

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Laura Knetzger's Sea Urchin: Facing Depression
I had the
chance to catch the end of a panel presentation by Andrea Charise during the Canadian Conference on Medical Education on the importance of Medical Humanities in understanding illness from not just a clinical perspective, but also from a personal p...

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Recidivist Vol IV: Part One: On a Plane
You can see the cover if you squint really hard My first reading of   Recidivist vol. IV   took place on a plane in September 2015 on my way to Sudbury (a small town in Northern Ontario). I hadn't read it since January and barely remembered the content or w...

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Sophie Franz's The Experts: Creepy Feelings & Riveting Read
Creepy Sophie Franz's The Experts is a riveting comic. An exercise in atmospheric horror ambiance. It is frightening, spectacular and haunting. I've always thought (and said before ) that Horror was a combination of moods and moderation, menacing yet restra...

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Zak Sally's Recidivist IV: Engaging on Form, Content, Ways of Seeing in Multiple Ways
I bought a copy of Recidivist vol. IV by Zak Sally at Drawn & Quarterly in Montreal in January 2015. I meant to write about the form, the content and the various ways of seeing art in a post that I never finished, knowing I would revisit it at some point. I...

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Hellberta: Exit Interview with Michael Comeau
Michael Comeau is a Canadian cartoonist and artist living in Toronto. If you've ever been to Toronto's comic shop by excellence The Beguilling , you're familiar with his work as he's done the window art for as long as I can recall. Over the course of the pa...

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Escape to the Unfinished #1: Joe Kessler's Precision & Abstraction
Breakdown Press is a very interesting publisher. Their output is varied, exudes quality and is incredibly well printed. I particularly enjoy the way they track the printing process of each of their publications. Due to their location in the UK, their comics...

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Pack Mentality #1: Arresting Visual Imagery, Colour & the Strength of Risography
Art by Dmitry Bondareko I received a copy of Pack Mentality #1  over the holidays from my Brother-in-law with mp explanation as to what it was. "You'll see when you open it" he said, "You won't be disappointed". It's been over a month now and I forgot how m...

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The Best Comics of 2015 & Other Musings
It’s been a tough year on so many levels. I got a new job in December 2014 and things have been getting gradually more busy since. I haven’t read as much as I wanted once things kicked into place in June as a result of that and I suspect life will get busie...
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