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I've been brewing for about 3 years now in my little row home in Baltimore. I just got back from Munich and I absolutely need to make myself a München Dunkel. This will be my first shot at a lager, mostly because I don't have room for a spare fridge in the house to control the temp.

Well, I said damn the torpedoes  I'm doing this anyway. I read somewhere that keeping your fermentor in a tub of water and swapping out 2 liter bottles of ice is a decent method for getting the temperature low enough. Has anyone had luck with this method?

Does anyone have advice on whether to age mead in bottles or to age it in the glass carboy? Yes, I have already racked out of the primary fermenter and it has been sitting in the secondary for about a month now. This is just a straight mead without any fruit additives at the moment.

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I was really happy to get a 6.2% raise this year...and then I got an email from work saying that my OASDI taxes will be going up 2% this year.  Medicare taxes will also be going up 0.9%.  With the rate of inflation at 1.76% I pretty much don't have a raise left.  I will never see that money again or have it benefit me in any way.  Glad I worked my ass off last year.  When are we going to wake up and realize that the income tax system doesn't work?

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