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A Frenchman in Athens... for now.
A Frenchman in Athens... for now.

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We started our first group on Sunday (6 players + me GMing, 2 of the 6 absent but phone voting on group decisions). I have taken the liberty to give slightly more freedom to my PC's than strictly advised in the book, as long as they agreed to man the ship correctly. So they are agents but their character concepts are picked from other group types as well.

So it's an agent group (more detective and assassination oriented) working losely for the Consortium's Special Branch (patron is Jihvane Kourides) and owing their debt to Hyperion Logistics' Mukhtar Sawalla. The players found it made sense to have a clear allegiance for the team and that funding came from the same origin. Doing so (we RP'd the votes a little), the team refused an offer from Free League News Division Nefrite Garroud, making a powerful enemy.

The space ship is a standard Oryx Courier (chosen for its versatility... and the floor plan availability). I have decided to not tell the group what the ship's problem is. That will keep them on their toes for a bit... :D

The crew so far has: 1 First Come plebeian from the rebellious forest moons of Uharu (a mystic on the run and potential Gunner), 1 elite ex-First Come from conservative Sivas turned Zenithian (an assassin and potential Pilot) and 2 Zenithian siblings from Marfik colonies (potential Sensor Operator and Captain respectively). The Captain would also be the "face" of the group, a sleek and charismatic female diplomat. Her brother is a jealous but skilled Data Jinn. The 2 missing players will most likely create a merchant and a ship mechanics respectively.

The group got the "Friend in each Port" talent... :)

NB1: I haven't found in the book the description of the pleasure vessel, although it is marked in the table as having one (asterisk).
NB2: I don't think there is any description in the book either for the planets Sivas and Marfik (beyond what's indicated on the map).

If anyone has more info on the notes above, I'd be very grateful.

Bienvenue à En Marche - Akropole! Soyez courtois et parlons politique. En Marche, avec Emmanuel Macron, aussi en Grèce et dans la 8ème circonscription des Français de l'Etranger.

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Darren makes a good point there...

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Thanks to Robert Miller...

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Just got my Tiny Mechas and Monsters RPG with the GM screen and dice! :)

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