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Katyissa B
Works at Business Enterprise/Study
Attended St. Aloysius Catholic Girls Secondary College, North Melbourne
Lives in Melbourne Australia



Katyissa B

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LOVE my favourite store ever. See the products here
Five years ago I donated 80% of my clothes to charity, because clothes really means nothing it can not make you happy, it is good to start fresh, so slowly I am creating a new and fresh collection for me. 

Every two to four years I donate my clothes and start fresh, it brings good karma. Every time I donate good luck happens to me!

No chance would I order the 12cm heels, forget about it, it would be like walking on your tip toes!

To be honest I really dislike shopping, I would rather have a stroll in the park rather than to go shopping and  being stepped on, shoved, bumped into by the crowds, seriously the population in the city is out of control!

#fashion #fashionblogger #style #trends #trendsetter #fashionista #shoes #blue #ring #jewelryforwomen   #goodluck #lucky #karma #karmaland  
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+Katyissa B saweeettt 😎
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Katyissa B

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"I am posting this (and it is long) because I think our society needs a huge wake-up call."

*Via +Corey Whalen Thank you!
"I am posting this (and it is long) because I think our society needs a huge wake-up call."

As a shelter manager, I am going to share a little insight with you all - a view from the inside, if you will.
Maybe if you saw the life drain from a few sad, lost, confused eyes, you would change your mind about breeding and selling to people you don't even know - that puppy you just sold will most likely end up in my shelter when it's not a cute little puppy anymore.

How would you feel if you knew that there's about a 90% chance that dog will never walk out of the shelter it is going to be dumped at - purebred or not! About 50% of all of the dogs that are "owner surrenders" or "strays" that come into my shelter are purebred dogs.
No shortage of excuses
The most common excuses I hear are:
We are moving and we can't take our dog (or cat).
Really? Where are you moving to that doesn't allow pets?
The dog got bigger than we thought it would.
How big did you think a German Shepherd would get?
We don't have time for her.
Really? I work a 10-12 hour day and still have time for my 6 dogs!
She's tearing up our yard.
How about bringing her inside, making her a part of your family?

They always tell me: We just don't want to have to stress about finding a place for her. We know she'll get adopted - she's a good dog. Odds are your pet won't get adopted, and how stressful do you think being in a shelter is?
Well, let me tell you. Dead pet walking!
Your pet has 72 hours to find a new family from the moment you drop it off, sometimes a little longer if the shelter isn't full and your dog manages to stay completely healthy.
If it sniffles, it dies.

Your pet will be confined to a small run / kennel in a room with about 25 other barking or crying animals. It will have to relieve itself where it eats and sleeps. It will be depressed and it will cry constantly for the family that abandoned it.
If your pet is lucky, I will have enough volunteers that day to take him / her for a walk. If I don't, your pet won't get any attention besides having a bowl of food slid under the kennel door and the waste sprayed out of its pen with a high-powered hose.
If your dog is big, black or any of the "bully" breeds (pit bull, rottweiler, mastiff, etc) it was pretty much dead when you walked it through the front door. Those dogs just don't get adopted.
If your dog doesn't get adopted within its 72 hours and the shelter is full, it will be destroyed.

If the shelter isn't full and your dog is good enough, and of a desirable enough breed, it may get a stay of execution, though not for long. Most pets get very kennel protective after about a week and are destroyed for showing aggression. Even the sweetest dogs will turn in this environment.
If your pet makes it over all of those hurdles, chances are it will get kennel cough or an upper respiratory infection and will be destroyed because shelters just don't have the funds to pay for even a $100 treatment.

The grim reaper
Here's a little euthanasia 101 for those of you that have never witnessed a perfectly healthy, scared animal being "put-down".
First, your pet will be taken from its kennel on a leash. They always look like they think they are going for a walk - happy, wagging their tails. That is, until they get to "The Room".

Every one of them freaks out and puts on the breaks when we get to the door. It must smell like death, or they can feel the sad souls that are left in there. It's strange, but it happens with every one of them. Your dog or cat will be restrained, held down by 1 or 2 vet techs (depending on their size and how freaked out they are). A euthanasia tech or a vet will start the process. They find a vein in the front leg and inject a lethal dose of the "pink stuff". Hopefully your pet doesn't panic from being restrained and jerk it's leg. I've seen the needles tear out of a leg and been covered with the resulting blood, and been deafened by the yelps and screams.

They all don't just "go to sleep" - sometimes they spasm for a while, gasp for air and defecate on themselves.
When it all ends, your pet's corpse will be stacked like firewood in a large freezer in the back, with all of the other animals that were killed, waiting to be picked up like garbage.

What happens next? Cremated? Taken to the dump? Rendered into pet food? You'll never know, and it probably won't even cross your mind. It was just an animal, and you can always buy another one, right?

Liberty, freedom and justice for all
I hope that those of you that have read this are bawling your eyes out and can't get the pictures out of your head. I do everyday on the way home from work. I hate my job, I hate that it exists and I hate that it will always be there unless people make some changes and realize that the lives you are affecting go much farther than the pets you dump at a shelter.

Between 9 and 11 MILLION animals die every year in shelters and only you can stop it. I do my best to save every life I can but rescues are always full, and there are more animals coming in everyday than there are homes.
My point to all of this is DON'T BREED OR BUY WHILE SHELTER PETS DIE!

Hate me if you want to - the truth hurts and reality is what it is.
I just hope I maybe changed one person's mind about breeding their dog, taking their loving pet to a shelter, or buying a dog. I hope that someone will walk into my shelter and say "I saw this thing on craigslist and it made me want to adopt".
That would make it all worth it."

Author unknown

Together we can end this senseless killing.
Keep speaking out and sharing this page:
+Advocate for Saving Dogs

Find Advocate for Saving Dogs on Facebook!

#AnimalShelters   #overcrowded   #PleaseAdopt   #HelpShelterPets   #dogs   #adoptdontshop  
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Please go to your local shelter and donate, time, food, cleaning supplies. Who knows? You might find a new friend there!

+Katyissa B Thank you for sharing it! 
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Katyissa B

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Audi announced its research team is capable of making synthetic diesel from water and air.
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Katyissa B

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Nepal - RIP to all the beautiful people that perished. 
In 1344 the plates moved and an Earthquake also devastated Nepal.

Maybe nuclear testing in the oceans? 

Full story read on -
A devastating 7.8-magnitude earthquake in Nepal on Saturday was part of a pattern of major temblors that have become so predictable that many seismologists had been expecting this one -- and at least one team of researchers warned just weeks ago that...
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Katyissa B

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 *Australian Spiders that DANCE and jump- The Elephant Peacock Spider- New spider species found in Australia- how fantastic, more spiders, but I must admit I do like spiders*  ;) Can you see the elephant in the fan of this Australian peacock spider? This aptly-named elephant spider is a newly recognised species. Two others, called Sparklemuffin and Skeletor have also been recently found. Never ever kill spiders!
Always capture a spider in a container and let it free outside, I do this all the time. I am at the stage where I tell the spider to walk into the container and  they actually do, my sister literally laughs out loud when she sees me do this.
There are lots of jumping spiders in Australia, trust me!
The Australian Geographic link does not work, but the National Geographic link does so check it out, the Aussie Spiders are truly beautiful and WOW!
National Geoghraphic full article - Plus see the video of the Spider dancing -…/150324-australia-peac…/

#australia #spiders #aussie #australianoutback #dancingspiders #elephants #spidersthatjump #lovespiders  
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That's captivating and creepy at the same time
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Katyissa B

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Hair Growth - Garlic aids in hair growth
Pour 250ml boiling water over 4 large chopped garlic cloves and allow them to infuse for a few minutes. Stir in the juice of ½ lemon, a few tablespoons of alcohol like brandy or whiskey and honey to taste (or 1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar, whatever tickles you), then pour into a mug and sip the hot mixture. For maximum benefits, I’d recommend scooping out the chopped cloves from the bottom of the mug and eating those too. Straight afterwards have some fresh parsley or yogurt or beetroot to get rid of the garlic aroma, trust me it works, you will not smell of garlic.

#recipes #garlic #recipesandfood #foodblog #naturalremedies #hair #haircare #health #healthyeating #vitamins #nutrition  
Hair Growth- Garlic aids in hair growth and can help fight hair loss.
Garlic has an extremely high sulfur content, which is beneficial to hair.

Pour 250ml boiling water over 4 large chopped garlic cloves and allow them to infuse for a few minutes. Stir in the juice of ½ lemon, 1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar, and honey to taste, then pour into a mug and sip the hot mixture. For maximum benefits, I’d recommend scooping out the chopped cloves from the bottom of the mug and eating those too. Don’t worry – they’ll be much milder than raw garlic.

Sulfur is a structural part of many proteins, including keratin, the protein hair is made of. Sulfur is also beneficial for skin, nails and nerves. It can be used therapeutically to fight psoriasis and eczema, both conditions that can detract from hair health. Garlic may also be a good topical remedy to improve hair growth. Raw garlic has more live nutrients than cooked garlic.

The selenium in garlic works with vitamin E to improve hair health. Selenium boosts the body's ability to utilize vitamin E to destroy free radicals that damage cell membranes. People who don't have the proper ability to utilize vitamin E, or who lack vitamin E, often lose hair or have hair that is dry or dull. Selenium also improves skin elasticity.

C and B Vitamins
Garlic is a good source of vitamins C, B-6 and B-1 (thiamine), which are important to hair health. Vitamin C protects hair from breaking and also helps boost collagen. Lack of vitamin B-6 can lead to hair loss, and thiamine aids in scalp circulation as well as carbohydrate metabolism.

Minerals in garlic also aid hair health. Calcium provides a structural component in hair. Copper helps hair grow and also prevents defective hair growth. Iron aids in hair growth as well as hair maintenance. Manganese helps the body utilize other nutrients that are important to hair health.

I have very long hair and I love garlic viciously

#Ihaveverylonghair   #haircare   #hairgrowth   #hairgrowth   #hairloss   #hairlosstreatments   #hairlossprevention   #rapunzelhair   #garlic   #Ilovegarlic   #tea   #homemaderecipes   #homemadefood
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Katyissa B

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I love Koko Beaux Clothing - this dress is gorgeous Xx See it here or at This dress is stunning, the length is actually longer than depicted and is perfect (this model must have been a super tall giant) and it is very high waist-ed which complements the style.  With the top part it all depends on what you wear underneath so you can basically cover up as much as you want or reveal as much as you want so you can play around with the style. This is my next purchase in red LOVE IT XX <3 My friend bought this dress in black and it is beautiful

Everything about this dress is so perfect.

#fashion #trends2015 #celebritystyle #catwalk #shoponline #red #hot #lace #love #ihavetobuythisdress #thisismynextpurchase   #lace #beautiful
#melbourne #australia  
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Such a gorgeous dress, very beautiful! 
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Katyissa B

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Shelter Pets- 15 before and after pictures show the difference that an adoption can make to a shelter pet ;)

#dogs   #cats   #adoption   #saveanimals   #pets   #love   #icried  
I found these pictures floating around on the web and had to share them. I grew up with a dog who was abandoned and dropped off at a shelter. He had many problems, so much so that it is highly doubtful that another family would have taken him in. He would have been euthanized. I […]
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Glad there are those who can adopt pets! 
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Katyissa B

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Anzac Day 25th April- RIP to all the courageous WWI Soldiers
Anzac skillet recipe with Aussie grown extra virgin olive oil - 
1 cup all-purpose flour (or almond meal)
¾ cup brown sugar
1 cup rolled oats
¾ cup fine unsweetened desiccated coconut (optional)
3 tbsps golden syrup (or maple syrup or pure honey)
¾ cup extra virgin olive oil
½ tbsp bicarb soda (changed from the original Cobram recipe)
See the Cobram recipe on the Cobram olive oil official website
Make cookies or make a mega large cookie skillet style
Preheat oven to 180C. Grease a 20cm cast iron skillet with some olive oil.
In a large mixing bowl, add flour, brown sugar, rolled oats and coconut. Mix to combine with a whisk.
In a separate bowl, add golden syrup, olive oil and bicarb soda. Whisk until roughly combined and don't worry if the mixture is not fully amalgamated.
Stir in the wet ingredients into the dry ingredients and whisk until well mixed.
Transfer the dough into the skillet and smooth the surface with the back of a spoon.
Bake in the preheated oven for 30 minutes until the surface has become amber caramelly brown.
Leave the biscuit to cool in the skillet as the texture is still soft and crumble when it is hot.
When the biscuit is cooled complete, slice into wedges and serve immediately.
Adapted from You will need a 20cm cast iron skillet.

Full recipe yummo -*
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Yummy yummy! :D
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Katyissa B

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Apple- Your Apple watch may not work if you have a tattoo. Interesting!

#apple   #applewatch   #smartwatch   #smartphone   #competition  
Your tattoo can prevent the Apple Watch from sending notifications, placing calls and using Apple Pay.
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Katyissa B

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Dinosaur Eggs Found WOW <3
No problems Mankind will now try to clone these eggs and destroy this piece of Jurassic history!*
Construction workers in southern China discovered 43 fossilized dinosaur eggs while working on a road upgrade project, according to state media.
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Katyissa B

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In Australia- Gold rush! Prospector unearths 87 oz nugget, worth 135,000, buried in the bush but he won¹t tell his mates where he found it
Mick Brown discovered a 2.7kg gold nugget in Wedderburn, Victoria, Australia.
The nugget is valued at $135,000.
Mr Brown says he won't part with it for less than $200,000.
The nugget earned the name 'Fair Dinkum' after shocking prospectors with its size.
He says the exact location the nugget was uncovered will remain a secret.
Well guess where I will be visiting.........
I have to find the secret location.........

Melbourne and Victoria is built on GOLD........

Full Article -

#gold #millions #australia #melbourne #investing #lucky  
A prospector in central Victoria has uncovered a nugget worth a whopping $135,000. The nugget weighs in at 87-ounces but Mick Brown says he wont be telling anyone exactly where he found it.
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So exciting;)
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Ja sam ja..tko me ne voli ne mora!
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