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And soon the students will be over us,
more or less ready "to join the society"...
The exam´s tight reins unrestrained in a
howling, jeering inferno of drinking, fun
and cheerful flippancy...
Inventiveness is bottomless when trying to
obtain most attention...
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This whole journey
takes whatever time it takes,
but with the journey more important than the goal,
this is no problem.
It may well take all future...
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Primitive force 3
  The pulse of the sea are those words all men before me have spoken And I hear them through my skin and understand them The mouse, darting over the sand I see with my heart, and what I taste with my eyes is my midnight supper Kamete Copyright
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Primitive force 2
Right now  life is sprouting everywhere in nature,  and the evenings become lighter and lighter. Soon we are in the midst of these gaggling, mystical nights  where no light fades completely - where the evening star appears radiantly on a light green,  pink,...
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Primitive force 1
Last time I was sitting here, it was winter That time too the ocean was quiet for a moment Squeezed by tons of icecoat-armour it had time off from battle But I knew then, that soon enough again with a moan and a bellow the giant would run amuck Lift up the ...
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It takes but a short rendezvous
with refugees in flesh and blood
before the weight of the burdens
they are carrying is felt through
your own bone and marrow

But the greatest of all is love
Without you, Beloved,
the horror of the ocean
gulped down my mind´s confusion
Without your cuddles, Love,
the salty darkness of the nights
hit my skin like acid
Driven away from all I ever cherished
I just dreamed about living...

Walking the footsteps of thousands
the asphalt wore down my self-image
whilst I daydreamed sweet dreams
about love and life without horrors
Dreamed of a life without fear
in the Fairy-land high on the North

Lonely, after still a night og terror
I fear you may not be unharmed?
Will I see you again, still not damaged?
Are you alive, whole and sound?
Dreaming of saving your life in Damascus...

The claw of privation grips on my heart
How could I be not-afraid in the Land-of-the-mermaid
when the fairy-tale is so filled up with hideous trolls?
Dreaming to sleep without dreams
First to be awakened with your kiss on my lips...
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From artistic idea - over the drawing -
through hours of handknot-knitting...
A bracelet with strong energy during

A masculine hunting amulet
"rests" among other talismans
before both power-jewelries leave for
the busier and more streamlined North
on the opposite side of the Earth...

Fra den kunstneriske ide over tegning  til mange  timers knudeknytning... Et armbånd med stærk energi under  tilblivelse.  En maskulin  jagtamulet "hviler sig"  blandt andre talismaner ,  inden begge kraftsmykker   rejser til det travlere og  mere strømlini...
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Sleep - not in a "JYSK" way...
Kamete Copyright
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On the road - Bolivias nødlinier
Vi er skøre heroppe på vores breddegrader, hvor en ridse eller en bule i bilen udløser  stress, surhed og bunkevis af penge til blikopretning... Biler, motorcykler og knallerter kan transportere de mest utrolige mængder af personer og gods, og det på de mes...
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