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The April tab is up for G+ (and for Stonecoast, but the rest are still in progress). I've introduced a new feature. You can now keep track of pomodoros instead of word count (a pomodoro is a 25-minute burst of concentrated effort). This makes it easier when you're revising (revise in 25-minute sprints) as you don't have to fuss about with what the conversion to wordcount is. And some people (me) just prefer to focus on quality time put in, not total words.

Any number entered for wordcount between 1 and 16 will be considered a pomodoro count instead of a wordcount. Your pomodoro quota goes up by one every two levels and the new level format reflects this. For instance, mine says 700.05. My wordcount quota is 700 and my pomodoro quota is 5. I can hit either to score my max consistency bonus. I can still just write 250 words (or complete one pomodoro) to maintain my chain.

Let me know if you have questions or run into any problems.

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Hi all - here's a link to the new spreadsheet with March tabs. Sorry for the delay. We're now on the new Google Sheets (yay!) which removes a lot of the old limits but has a few quirks of its own. In particular, your current level has been randomized and you'll need to reset it manually. If you see a red or green box below your level, just add that number to your level. 

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Here's a link to the new, 2014 spreadsheet. Important note: formulas aren't in place yet. You can record your numbers, but your chain, etc., won't update. I'll add formulas later today/tomorrow. Thanks for your patience. Happy Writing!

November tabs are live. Same URL. Happy NaNoWriMo to those of you who are doing that. If you've donated (and you should), color your name field yellow (to represent the halo).

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Hey all - there's a new magic spreadsheet (at a new URL). The old one was running up against the limit for the total number of cells (400,000), which I think explains the recent slowdown. New one is much snappier. The old spreadsheet is now an archive. You may have to re-enter recent word counts on the new one. Let me know if you have questions or run into bugs or missing formulas.

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I created a spreadsheet for working out (because I need it). Check it out at the attached link. Rolled it out to the FB group first and, after two weeks, it seems pretty solid, so you all are invited to.

September tabs are up and running. As always, I've stripped the formulas from inactive tracks. If that includes you, nothing personal, you just need to write more! Drop a line here and someone will sort you out. Also, I'm at WorldCon, which equals sleep deprived, so this particular transition may be more error-riddled than usual. Same drill. If you run into a problem, drop a note here. Unless you're also on the Facebook page, in which case drop a note there as it will usually get you a quicker response.

The June tabs are up and running. The transitions is a fiddly, manual process so there may be some glitches. Post here if you encounter any (helpful to have your name, sheet name and row number). Thanks!
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