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Gaming Department for Necronomicon - Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror convention in Tampa Bay
Gaming Department for Necronomicon - Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror convention in Tampa Bay

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Gearing up for Necronomicon 2016! Gaming registration up and running for anyone looking to sign up and run games.

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Gaming registration for Necronomicon 2015 is officially open! We already have a few games submitted and will be getting those approved today. If you're new, just click the PARTICIPATE button and then "First Time" to create your account.  We'll get you approved and send you an email that you're good to go.

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Check out my blog about the new Room Escape Adventure "It's a Trap" in Winter Park, Florida

Greetings fellow Necronomicon fans! We're 3 weeks out from the convention and last minute preparations are underway.  We still have a number of openings at our gaming info table, so for anyone who still needs hours toward their free membership, please visit the site and sign up to help us out. Shifts can be as little as an hour at a time. Duties are simple, answering basic questions on the gaming department, signing up GMs for open tables and putting out sheets for the gamers to sign up and play. We also have added another position for the Gaming Library. That person is responsible for checking in/out games from our lending library.

We have a record number of sponsors this year and our gaming program book has expanded by 8 pages. Be sure to grab your copy at the convention. You never know there might be some surprises in there for you. Visit our sponsor page to see all these great companies and click their logo to visit their site:

Do you wear contact lenses? If you have a valid prescription we have a contest for you. Visit gaming info to sign up to win one of 5 pairs of costume contact lenses provided by our new sponsor  We're thrilled to have them onboard. Look in the gaming program for a special 20% off coupon code for them as well.

Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter during the convention, you never know when we might have an impromptu contest for some great prizes. 

Guidebook: Once again we will be using Guidebook for a digital program guide. New this year, gaming is going to have their own program track in Guidebook, so panels & games will be separated for ease of use.

Thanks to our Steve Jackson MIBs for hosting Cheating For Charity on Sunday during the convention. Visit to read all about it and see the prize loot they are giving away to the winner.

Gaming Library: Once again Necro Gaming will have our Gaming Library! All you have to do is go to the Gaming info table, ask to see the gaming Library, pick a Game, and go have fun. Our staff will ask you write your name and convention badge number on the sign-out sheet. Keep an eye out for the “PLAY TO WIN!” label on some of the Library games. Everyone that signs out one of these games will have their names put in a raffle to win the game at the end of the con!

Gaming Panels: We have a record 5 gaming related panels this year! Pick up your gaming program book and on page 4 you'll find a list of all the panels.

LARPS: This year we've listed the scheduled LARPs in the program book (page 4) for your convenience.

For all you Pathfinder fans we have professional writer Brendan LaSalle from Goodman Games running Xcrawl: Boston Crawl with Pathfinder rules on Saturday.

Don't see the game you want to play on the schedule? We still have some open slots for onsite pickup games. Just visit the gaming info table to sign up the time slot that you are interested in. You can sign up a private game for your and your friends or an open game for any attendees to play. 

Gaming department opens Friday October 3rd at 3pm. For any of our gaming info volunteer, we will have a volunteer meeting at 2:30pm Friday and another Saturday morning at 8:30 for those who can't make the Friday one. If you can't make either, please let us know and we'll make arrangements.

Our gaming info table hours this year will be as follows:
Friday 3pm - 8:45pm
Saturday 9am - 9pm
Sunday 9am - 1pm

First games start at 4pm Friday, with signup sheets going out at 3pm. Last games end at 4pm on Sunday. 

That's all for now. We look forward to seeing you all in 3 weeks!

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Check out our new Cheating for Charity event for Necronomicon 2014!

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Greetings Necronomicon fans! We're less than a month out to the convention and gaming registration has closed. We do still have a number of slots for volunteers at our gaming info table. If you're interested in volunteering (work 10 hours and get your membership refunded) sign up at
You can view our current schedule of games at that site as well.  
Please visit our main site at

We will also be signing up open gaming tables at the convention, so if you didn't get your game scheduled, you can do so at the con. We will also have a Gaming Library where you can check out games with your membership badge to play at open tables.

See you all in less than 4 weeks!

Have you seen this, coming to the Orlando area this year! Get in on their Kickstarter and you can get to be a beta tester! I've already done so! - Heather

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This is the final weekend that GM registration will be open. With the convention being the first weekend of October, we have to cut registration off this week in order to get everything ready for the program book.  We will still take open gaming signups at the convention, but those hours will not count toward your 10 hours for free membership.

We also still have a number of volunteer shifts open at our gaming info/gaming library table.

All GMs/Gaming Volunteers this year will receive a gift courtesy of one of our sponsors, so be sure to get your hours on the schedule before September 1st.

We currently have 75 games on the schedule and we're hoping to hit 100 by the deadline. 

This year's convention t-shirt (shown on has gamer elements (woot) so be sure to pre-order your shirt if you want one this year.

Reminder that Necronomicon has moved this year. For 2014-2015 we will be at the Grand Hyatt Tampa Bay (2900 Bayport Dr, Tampa, FL 33607)

Convention registration is available online until September 24th for $35 for the 3 day weekend. Work your 10 hours and get your money refunded.

Non-Gaming info:
For any of you that want to show off your talent, we have our 2nd annual Necronomicon's Got Talent show Friday night at 9pm at the convention. Visit for details

See you all in a little over a month!

Here's a list of companies that have pledged to sponsor Necronomicon Gaming (either with prizes, gaming library games or promotional materials) at this year's convention:

Arc Dream Publishing, Atlas Gaming, BamPow Comics, Board Game Geek, Boneyard FX, Brotherwise Games, Catthulhu, Chaosium, Chivalry Games, Conquistador Games, Corvus Belli, Cryo Flesh, Custom Handmade Medieval Banners, Cyberoptix, Days of Wonder, Devil's Panties, DriveThruRPG, Extreme FX, Fernando's Engravings, Flying Buffalo Games, Gamewick Games, GeekSoap, Genesis of Legend Publishing, Giant Microbes, Golden Goblin Press, Goodman Games, Hero Games, Imbalanced Games, Indie Boards & Cards, Iron Wind Metals, Level 99 Games, Looney Labs, Marsbarn Dice Bags, Mayday Games, Micro Art Studios, Middle of Beyond, Out of Print, Plaid Hat Games, Playroom Entertainment, Precis Intermedia, Qwertee, Raging Heroes, Rightgames, Rio Grande Games, SciFi Geeks, Silver Phoenix Entertainment, Something Geeky, Steve Jackson Games, Story Weaver Games, Stronghold Games, Tasty Minstrel Games, ThinkGeek, Twilight Creations, Wargames Factory, Wargamma, 
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