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denise covey

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Hi friends! I promised on Lexa Cain's Summer bloghop that I was heading north-east to New Caledonia and here I am. Arrived a few days ago now and as travel always is to me, it's a blast. Here's some of the highlights so fa...
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denise covey

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denise covey

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Officer, scrutinise my papers and date of birth with half-truths and unkind eyes. Pinpoint if you can where this life began where it weaved into earth and casually out again honestly in precise circumstances and coord...
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denise covey

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I've just encountered a new level in online annoyance. The dreaded Captcha is being replaced on some blogs by an innocuous check box saying "Please prove you're not a robot". Up to now, on blogs I've visited this simply invol...
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denise covey

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The best books for writers, well we all probably have our own lists and I'd love to hear your favorite books - the ones that have helped you navigate your way through this writing life. These are a few of mine: Inspiration: ...
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denise covey

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Take down that flag!
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denise covey

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Great info on publishing terms.
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denise covey

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It would be nice if you said up front that this option is only available in the US.
You invest a lot of time in your blog, making sure it fits your personal brand and style. And a big part of making it your own comes from what you call it and where it lives. Blogger has long let you host your blog on a custo...
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denise covey

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Darwish, Mahmoud (1941-2008) Mahmoud Darwish was a notable Palestinian poet and political activist, writing in Arabic. He was perceived as  the national poet for Palestine, and was a symbol of the Palestinian res...
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Writer/English Teacher
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I write, I read, I travel.

I love to read, just about anything, and write, just about anything. I love to travel, just about anywhere. I love my family and friends, just about all the time...

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I write a novel a year and read over 100 novels a year...
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  • Queensland University of Technology
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Gilroy (good Irish ancestors)
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Hello from New Caledonia (Nouvelle Caledonie) in the South Pacific.

Hi friends! I promised on Lexa Cain's Summer bloghop that I was heading north-east to New Caledonia and here I am. Arrived a few days ago no

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Loved the genuine Heritage design. Very elegant. Relaxing. Old worlde. Food wonderful. Home baked cakes to die for.
Food: Very GoodDecor: ExcellentService: Very Good
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reviewed 2 years ago
The view was wonderful but the windows and doors have not been cleaned for a long time. The furniture is old and musty. Needs a refurbish. I realise these are privately owned, but the owners need to be told to renovate. We got air con and sea view as requested.
Public - 5 years ago
reviewed 5 years ago
2 reviews