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Child Custody and Religion Disputes in Plano

Child custody plans can become sensitive matters when religion enters the picture. If parents disagree on the religious upbringing of their child following a divorce, Texas courts may need to intervene if the parents cannot come to a compromise.

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Mediation is a lot more than what you saw on Wedding Crashers.

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Spousal Debt and Bankruptcy: What Matters to You

If one spouse has a large amount of debt, he or she may attempt to file for bankruptcy. However, you should research marital debt and bankruptcy before they file to better understand the situation you may be put in.

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Dating after Divorce with Kids in Dallas

If you've just started dating a new guy or gal, when is a good time to introduce him or her to your kids? Should you discuss the idea of dating with your children before you start? These are common questions every newly divorced parent may bring up, and we have some helpful information for you to consider before your next move.

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How can I catch a cheating spouse?

If you suspect your spouse is cheating that matter can become solid evidence in your favor for a future divorce case. However, you have to go about collecting evidence in a fair and legal manner. #divorce   #adultery  

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What are the types of child custody orders available?

Child custody isn't necessarily granted to a single parent with no visitation rights for the other. There are many different custody plans that are considered when the court is determining what is in the best interest of your children.
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Child Custody: Mediation vs. Court Negotiations

The method of determining your child custody agreement will depend on several factors. In most cases, mediation is the least stressful, cheapest, and quickest way to come to an agreement. However, when mediation fails to come to an amicable solution, court negotiations may need to take place. #childcustody   #divorce  

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Catching a Cheating Spouse in Plano

Question: Can I have someone spy on my husband to catch my cheating spouse?
Adultery is one of the most common grounds for divorce among Texas couples. Due to Texas's no-fault divorce laws, it's not necessary to provide a reason for the divorce. However, in cases of adultery it may be beneficial to show your spouse is cheating because it could put you in the court's favor for marital property division and alimony.

Be careful about the methods you use to gather evidence of your cheating spouse. Hiring private investigators, wiretapping, and other secretive spying methods may be illegal and land you in an entirely different legal battle. Stick to gathering evidence through legitimate access such as purchases on your joint bank or credit accounts, phone records, and social media conduct.
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Telling Your Employer and Landlord about Your Bankruptcy

Your personal finances are nobody's business but your own, but in matters of bankruptcy there are certain times when your financial status may be disclosed to your landlord or your employer. While you have every right not to inform them of your personal banking issues, certain types of bankruptcy procedures that involve wage garnishment or payment of past debts may result in the court informing your landlord or employer about bankruptcy actions being taken on your behalf.

If you're interested in finding out just how much your employer or landlord will be told and for what reasons, check out our article.

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What does “reasonable visitation” mean for rights of non-custodial parents in a child custody case?

What you think are reasonable terms for a non-custodial parent's visitation rights may not be a shared belief by your ex-spouse. When you cannot come to an agreement on reasonable visitation terms, an attorney may be necessary to get everything sorted out and a proper parenting plan drafted.
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