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Appreciating Stylishness
There are even mountain bikers who ride with a certain stylishness, although they are not as stylish as horsemen. There is no need to watch a video of myself on a bike -- it can simply be assumed that I ride with no stylishness whatsoever. This topic intere...

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The Death of Europe
Long suffering readers of this blog are used to me praising moldy old books, while ignoring or even denigrating modern books. I am happy to be proven wrong. I have finished reading 2/3 of "The Strange Death of Europe," by Douglas Murray. It's an "anti-mass-...

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The Most Evil Thing on the Internet
Like many travelers I am happy that eBooks exist. Boxes of dead-tree books are heavy and space-consuming. And how many times per year can I get to a decent bookstore? Therefore I was in a good mood -- and a grateful mood -- when I downloaded an Amazon Kindl...

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Blog Spin-off Happens
In the old days, successful television shows occasionally featured guest stars who took off on their own shows. With that pattern as our inspiration, I am advertising a link to a discussion thread I started on , a mountain biking forum. It's intent...

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Has it really been ten years? I checked. It has. It was ten years ago, and right here in the Book Cliffs/Grand Junction area, that I adopted my sweetheart. She doesn't look much different today. You never quit e know what a canine-American person is thinkin...

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Returning to the Womb in Winter
Last post, I was having fun re-inventing the water bottle. But today I'd like to be completely non-facetious, because it really was profoundly satisfying to take that hot water bottle to bed with me. Isn't profound satisfaction worthy of a post? The old say...

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Almost Needing a Heater
It is easy to poke fun at ascetics. I do a bit of it myself, particularly where the 'holy man in the van' syndrome displays itself, usually ostentatiously. Therefore it will seem ironic that this post appears to strut its asceticism before the readers. Perh...

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Appreciating Cuteness
What statement from their wife does a married man dislike the most? You could choose worse than this one: the couple is shopping. The poor fellow is bored out of his mind, but the path of least resistance is just to humor her. There is something noble and a...

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Campers Who Arrive After Dark
Well, well, I seem to have gotten quite good at this. I actually like walking through the campground early in the morning and busting people. It is usually campers who arrrived after dark the previous evening. There is an element of grim humor to it. A movi...

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More Equality is Needed for NFL Team Rosters
Some cynics say that politics is a sour and depressing topic, and that we should just avoid discussing it. Nonsense! I am enjoying the 'take-a-knee' protests by NFL players during the national anthem. For one thing, it takes gumption to do what they are doi...
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