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Kyle Horst
Kirksville Web Design Lead Designer - The Best Google Sites on the Web
Kirksville Web Design Lead Designer - The Best Google Sites on the Web

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Having an issue. The Image URL does not work for all users. All my contacts in the Americas can view the images, but those in Europe the image URL appears broken. It is not a permissions issue. Everything is public. In fact, when the broken image is clicked, the link takes them to the right drive viewer and they can see the image there.

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Come learn about the New Google Sites. Ask questions, view examples and start a discussion.

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Coming soon! Like you all, I'm also waiting for public website web address mapping. =)

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I'm getting ready to make the move to New Google Sites. What about you?

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How to automate/trigger the People Directory to refresh contacts every day?

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Where can I access the information referenced in the People Directory Template Range: AwesomeTableTemplate - Cards!A1:C2

I don't see this sheet in my Google doc

Post has attachment and Google Sites - A new era is coming...

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New Google Sites? Are you ready?

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I want to use the URL Query function to pre-filter results in my Awesome Table. I receive an error. I can't find out what I'm doing wrong. Please refer to my screenshots below. Thank you.
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