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Mark Van Vlack
I'm a guy who lives in Kingston as A hobby I write Role playing games.
I'm a guy who lives in Kingston as A hobby I write Role playing games.

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Final Draft.
Sent the  Final draft of the  game off to  the people who are going to be editing it. PRAY FOR THEIR SOULS.... I have also done some work on sketches to fill the document with,  decided I don't like any of them and have started redoing said sketches.... It'...

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Walking AAIE back a few steps.
Latest Additions:  Added a Jail building to the "The Town" section. The Jail adds a quick way for characters to pick up rewards by  hunting down fugitives. Gives characters an excuse to broaden their horizons.  New NPC's include Jailors, guards,  and warden...

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A Non Review of "Monkey Business" by the Disorientated Ranger.
Monkey Business By Jens Durke. Disclosure: This can't be a review because I'm too close to the project. Not only did I chat with Jens often during his time working on the project. I also contributed some art. Rather than a review the following text should b...

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Jens has a PWYW, RPG module out.
Trust me though "Module" does not do it justice!
"Gonzo Jungle Hex-crawl Monkey Engine" is closer...
I have published a module! It's a very gonzo procedural junglecrawl and PWYW. Enough material for a short campaign ... Check it out and spread the word!

+Mark Van Vlack, +Chris Stieha, +Eric Nieudan, +Greg Gorgonmilk, +Adam Muszkiewicz

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Random terrain for AAIE "The World" maps.
I started working on another section of AAIE a couple of months ago. This is part of it Hex Gids: Let's say my map starts at the very center of the grid  over here → That center hex is where the party of player characters is hanging out right now. The hex i...

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The World of AAIE
LATEST UPDATE: Solo tested some new content on Roll20. I Wept at the grave of Rolo Baggins. AAIE doesn't have a default setting as it's normally thought of. There's No default world included with the game. Thank God, no one wants to read about my adventures...

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Optional Rewards for Monsters:
Most Recent AAIE Update: Added quick ideas for characters harvesting and selling parts of the monsters they slay.  Updated the three example monsters to include my most recent additions. (Resolve point spread, and Harvestable resources.) In AAIE characters ...

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AAIE Update:
Most recent AAIE Update: Added levels of HD to monsters" Fragile 1d4,  Weak 1d6, Normal 1d8, Tough 1d10, Ridiculous 1d12 When a monster is created a roll is made to determine what level of HD the monster will have. The  roll is weighted towards "tough" or H...
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