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I was listening to a few old hymns more specifically "I love to tell the story" and "Old Rugged Cross". As I close my eyes to more fully take in the words of the song. All I could see is man standing in front of a throne and before him were a great many souls standing before this man in front of the throne many were in front of him clamoring over each other trying to get as close as they could to the man but many were hindered and heavy laden with large and dusty sea bags. As they were dragging themselves toward the throne a large serpent was coming out of a massive precipice in the earth and began to devour many who would not leave their old tattered sea bags. When the serpent tried to devour the ones that did drop their bags the man in front of the throne would call out and the very air would vibrate and a being would come from the sky and block and strike the serpent forcing him to turn from the ones who had drop their burden. Some souls that had dropped their bags started to climb towards the man in front of the throne, but would return to retrieve their bag, but as they were heading toward their bag the serpent would sprout another head it was the head of an asp and it would strike those that returned to their old bag the pain was excruciating. The ones that struck by the asp began to mock and criticize, the ones that did not return to their bags and the man standing before the throne. After a time the man sat upon the throne and spoke and an army of celestial beings descend upon the serpent and the mockers and the army was immense and immeasurable. The beings descended and crush the head of the serpent and imprisoned the mockers in an unbreakable prison. Then the man on the throne spoke and the mocker's prison was cast from the sight of the man and the ones that had dropped their bags. And the beings in the army bowed before the throne and brought out a fest so massive that all the army and the ones, who had abandoned their bags, and the being on the throne were filled with joy
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