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Feast on your life.
Feast on your life.
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I am excited!

Interested in Narrative Coaching and Narrative Design? The founder of the field, David B. Drake, offers three free webinars this week!




I first heard David Drake as one of the three top presenters at World Business and Executive Coach Summit (WBECS) 2015. He is, hands down, the trailblazer in leadership coaching today. Yes, I am a disciple. :)

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What does parenthood have to do with Albert Camus?
Remember Camus? From your high school lit classes? The one that wrote about plague.

"Live to the point of tears," is the line that this French philosopher sprung on the half-hearted Europeans of his time. He meant tears of happiness as well as sadness. Parenthood, or any other disruptive aligning of our lives with another human being (caring for a sick parent, friend, or sibling for example), offers us a path to such wholeheartedness.

Here is David Whyte, about the courage of parenthood:
"As parents we may not even know what the word parent means, we may not know what to do or how to get through, we live literally to the point of tears and fears, our own and our child’s. There is no enemy line to throw ourselves at, no medal to be earned. The interior template of courage shows itself slowly, imperceptibly, the interior psyche settling and seating itself into a relationship with a future that chooses as its foundation a new and unknown child. From the outside we see only someone walking along the street, heavily pregnant, or pushing a stroller, weighted by the bric-a-brac of parenthood, no glamor in the outward show, deserving no medal, but on the inside, a heartfelt, robustly vulnerable and courageous realigning of one’s life with another."

This is directly from PROGENY, an 8-week spiritual journey towards tears and laughter of robust vulnerability. Starting soon!

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This past year I turned 50 years old. Dalai Lama says that's when real life begins. Amen Mr. Lama, amen! This past year I have also declared (to myself mostly) that kids have turned out alright!  

To celebrate these milestones and to begin this new year with something exciting, I have decided to do what people have been asking me for years: a master class for busy parents who want to help their children become great human beings. Join me for this class and let's have some serious fun!

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What is it that you can do because you are human?
What is it that you can do because you are this particular human?
Get very good at these things.

I hope you enjoy this piece I wrote ...

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Tanaaaaaa! Big announcement here! 

Over the last year, I poured my heart, and sweat, and (yes) tears into creating a new path for myself, as I am soon getting 50. Time of wisdom, they say, and celebration!

So, here it is, the big news about my next chapter of life: !!!  

As I announce this, I fear what you, my friends, are going to say, and I fear silence itself.

If what I am up to makes any sense to you, I would greatly appreciate if you can help me feel better about all the work and risk that has gone into this. 

If you want to strengthen my first steps, you can help me greatly by visiting the blog page and liking everything you can possibly like. 

If you want to stay in touch regarding this adventure, please join my email list. You can subscribe on the website below (or you can send me your email address to samir @, with word "subscribe" in the subject line).

Much love and gratitude to many of you who have supported me over the years through thick and thin of trying my hand, head, and heart as a pastor, making a living in New York City, and entering the corporate grayland, all of this without losing heart.

Thank you for the love and wisdom you have sent my way over the years. 

May we feast on our lives!
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