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Emanuele Ricci

For how much time can we store API's data on our server for cache purpose?
Are there different time based on metadata?

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I got the #lyrics for "Follow Me" by Muse on Musixmatch

Domanda: sapete se esiste in Italia un api che mi da modo di accedere ai palinsesti televisivi e le descrizioni dei singoli programmi?

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Amazing song!

Guys can you suggest me an Android Library to identify Barcode/QRCode?  It should also give you a way to customize the design #androiddev  

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Drinking game idea:
Every time you take a drink, take a drink.

Advantage: Tight, recursive algorithm.
Disadvantage: Stack overflow.

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A blog post on some of the more low-level details about the v22.1.0 support library release.


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April 2015 Material Design Spec Update

Here on the #materialdesign team at Google, we’re always listening to community feedback and looking for ways to broaden and expand the specification to better fit the needs of designers everywhere. Today we’re publishing an update to that draws on extensive conversations we’ve had with designers and developers over the past few months. The update includes 7 new sections, as well as refinements to content in existing sections.

Some highlights:

Data tables: guidance on presenting data sets, particularly in desktop products
Units and measurements: a description of the different units used in material design, including guidance on using density-independent pixels (DPs)
App structure: suggestions for top-level navigation in your app
Component sticker sheet for After Effects to help streamline your motion design workflow
Floating action buttons now have their own section, with added guidance on behavior and transitions
• Updated guidance on Typography, Cards, Dialogs, Tabs and Scrolling.

For all the gory details, check out the What’s New section in the spec:
April 2015 Material Design Spec Update
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