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Speaker, Coach and Author
Speaker, Coach and Author

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Want to make a difference?  Meet someone new this week and listen to their story.

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Family of man who willed $500 tips: 'He wanted to bring joy to people'
Aaron Collins, 30, died unexpectedly, leaving behind one wish: 'Leave an awesome tip'

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"Don't put your hope for happiness on the things we have no control over."@chadlhymas

Take the time to reach out to someone today -- just enjoy being present and appreciate the connection.

Real recognition isn't a feigned gimmick. It is heartfelt appreciation for a job well done -- an expression of gratitude.

Holding my son on my back, I said, "Mom, who is on my back?"

My son quickly replied, "Don't tell him mommy. It's a surprise!"

It is easy to criticize someone else and then sit on the sidelines without a plan or solution.

Listening to Shame on #realrecognition radio w/@BreneBrown @smaxbrown @RoySaunderson
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