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Well whaddyaknow, I was just looking for a new GRUB background, and there it is!
+Claire Farron since I just reworded the quote from "V for Vendetta" I was inspired to use that picture when I saw it.

"People should not be afraid of their Government. Governments should be afraid of their People."

Which is by itself a reword of a famous Thomas Jefferson quote.  The end result being what you related with though I was really meaning it more toward Windows.
Click on the image, then right-click the image and choose Save Image As.
+Josh Sabboth : I already tried that. Gives me a very small 700xsomething image, whereas the actual image is 1920x1080. There is a download full size option in some photos. Why is it missing here?
+Aditya Raj Bhatt it sounds like your not clicking on the image to open it to the larger version.  Thus your only obtaining the thumbnail from the post which is much smaller.
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