+Julia Cantor send me Seth's latest post, which includes this bit:

"Monday's publication of Stop Stealing Dreams has exceeded my expecations for feedback and impact. While a typical bestseller might sell 2,000 copies a day, this free manifesto was downloaded and shared more than 60,000 times since yesterday. I've gotten comments from around the world, and it's clear that the manifesto has struck a chord--and that's exactly why I wrote it."

Getting 60,000K downloads of an ebook in a day or so sounds impressive. But I have a couple of questions:

1 - How many people read or are subscribed to Seth's blog every day? My guess is his daily readership plus RSS subscribers tops 100K at least. Probably double or triple that is more likely.

2 - Did he send it out to his email list? If so, you can probably add another 300-400K.

Also, he shared it on Twitter to 150K followers. He shared it on Facebook where he has just short of 150K people following his page.

The point is, it's likely that between 500,000 and a million people were exposed to this free ebook, and 60K of them chose to download it. Is that impressive? Does that number suggest that the ideas contained within struck a cord?

Or does it suggest that when offering a free ebook, Seth can convert about 10% of his audience to download it?

I do know that we need a lot more context around how many people actually were exposed to the offer before we decide that getting 60K downloads is impressive or not.
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