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Providing Powerful, Results Driven Digital Services to Businesses worldwide


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How to Generate Leads & Brand Awareness With Social Media

With recent studies showing that higher sales revenue is directly linked to social media advertising, it’s no wonder companies are tapping into the social media market.

Companies around the globe are seeing major returns on their investment in resources to get their brand at the forefront of social media platforms. If you want to generate leads and boost sales then it’s time to go where you’ll be successful.

With 1.44 billion monthly active users on Facebook spending an average of 20 minutes a day on the platform, go where the people are.

Generating leads and sales with social media brand awareness doesn’t have to be as challenging as it seems. There are many tactics a brand should use when sending their brand message ads through various social media platforms.

3. Use Analytics
With so many built-in tools that social media has to offer, you’d be crazy not to use them all. Facebook analytics are a huge source of help when it comes to understanding what is hitting with your consumers and what is not.

Google analytics are another great way to learn about your potential clients. Watch your numbers and visits as you release each message or ad campaign. Learn what your audience is responding to and what they aren’t.

Create a champion social media presence by simply staying focused on what your crowd is doing and how they are responding.

Know Your Target Audience to Generate Leads
Know your target audience and know what they want. Know what gets through to your consumer. The market is over-saturated with ads. Create content that is going to go straight to the heart of your audience.

Treat your social media content like you might a personal mailing list. Make each ad tailored for them. Keep it extremely personal and engaging. Put content out there that people can interact with, leave reviews on, like and share. Reply to customer comments always.

Generating leads through social media is easy to do in 2017. The technology is all there for you, as well as incredible companies who can aid you in creating the perfect campaign for your chosen platforms.

When you’re ready to generate leads and boost your revenue with fantastic social media content, contact us for a free consultation.

We’ve compiled a list of a few key elements to consider when tackling social media for your brand:

1. Lure Them In
Your social media campaign has to be enticing if it is going to generate leads. It needs to elicit strong responses from your consumer. It needs to generate positive attention but also be capable to go viral through shares and likes.

Create content that is eye-popping, engaging, relevant and edgy. Use witty phrases for Twitter. Use funny memes or gifs for Facebook. Use beautiful and smart videos for Snapchat. Consider vibrant photography with great catch phrases for Instagram.

Know your platform and know which bait the platform users usually take. Design attractive ads for sweepstakes or personal connection ads to draw your audience in.

Contests are a big draw for consumers. People love to participate and it will certainly generate leads. Make your brand active by engaging your audience.

2. Discount It
People love a deal. Discount codes and flash deals are a great way to generate leads and brand awareness. Give your brand some excitement with discount codes that only last for a limited time. This will give your brand some urgency.

Discount offers and ads will generate leads swiftly for a short period of time. Spread your offers out for a planned length of time.

3. Use Analytics
With so many built-in tools that social media has to offer, you’d be crazy not to use them all. Facebook analytics are a huge source of help when it comes to understanding what is hitting with your consumers and what is not.

Google analytics are another great way to learn about your potential clients. Watch your numbers and visits as you release each message or ad campaign. Learn what your audience is responding to and what they aren’t.

Create a champion social media presence by simply staying focused on what your crowd is doing and how they are responding.

Know Your Target Audience to Generate Leads
Know your target audience and know what they want. Know what gets through to your consumer. The market is over-saturated with ads. Create content that is going to go straight to the heart of your audience.

Treat your social media content like you might a personal mailing list. Make each ad tailored for them. Keep it extremely personal and engaging. Put content out there that people can interact with, leave reviews on, like and share. Reply to customer comments always.

Generating leads through social media is easy to do in 2017. The technology is all there for you, as well as incredible companies who can aid you in creating the perfect campaign for your chosen platforms.

When you’re ready to generate leads and boost your revenue with fantastic social media content, contact us for a free consultation. Visit


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Top 15 Ways To Grow Your Email Marketing Subscriber List

Email Marketing remains one of the best marketing methods available due to it’s low cost and high ROI (return on investment) when implemented correctly. Potentially businesses can gain a return of up to 4300% on their email marketing campaigns. However what if you don’t have a very large email subscriber list? If you’re not working regularly on growing your email marketing subscriber list, or don’t know how, this article outlines the best top 15 ways to grow your email marketing list.

It’s important you are constantly adding new email contacts to your list, because the fact of the matter is that email marketing databases decline by 22.5% each year.

Firstly you may be wondering if email marketing really is as powerful as the stats we mentioned above state. In a recent survey by Marketing Sherpa’s, 92% of respondents answered that email marketing produces a positive ROI for them. For the minimal costs and effort required email marketing is a channel that delivers excellent ROI. Whether you are directing customers to your website or upselling products, email marketing gives you an easy and cost effective channel to deliver real returns for your business. Email marketing is a cost-effective solution that gives businesses the power to reach customers in a place most people visit every day — their inbox.

There’s plenty of data to back up the benefits of email marketing. For example: 91 percent of adults like to receive promotional emails from companies they do business with (MarketingSherpa, 2015) and prefer email for marketing communication over other forms of communication. Additionally, according to a survey from Exact Target in 2017: 91% of respondents said they checked their email daily at least once and with literally billions of consumers owning an email account there is potentially a very large market you can channel your marketing methods towards.

So here are our top 15 ways to grow your email subscriber list:
Create remarkable content: If you write and design an email that your current subscribers enjoy and find value in they will share it with their colleagues, friends and family who may not already be on your list. Ensure to include social sharing buttons and “email to a friend” button and put a ‘Subscribe to our Newsletter link” at the bottom.
Promote an online contest: like a free giveaway, and have entrants sign up or submit using their email address. (And don’t forget to promote your contest on social!)
Add a email sign up link in your email signature.
Create a new lead-generation offer: like an ebook on a landing page that requires visitors to fill out their name and email address.
Promote one of your lead generation offers on Twitter. Create a Twitter campaign to promote your offer that requires your followers to complete their email address to redeem.
Add a “Email/Newsletter Signup” tab to your business Facebook page.
Email marketing and building your list

7. Use Pinterest to promote offers that require email sign up. For example create a pin that links to a landing page for a free ebook or resource that requires the visitor to enter their email to download it which is also a good way to generate leads.

8. Promote offers and email signup on your Google+ about page

9. Add a Newsletter signup form on your website

10. Gather paper sign ups at trade shows and other events

11. Put an email sign up on your blog

12. Put an email sign up on your “Thank You” pages

13. Add a signup link to each email you post in a forum or message board.

14. Off a discount or coupon to customers who sign up for your Newsletter.

15. Simply ask clients or leads on your phone conversations with them if you can add them to your Newsletter list.

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What is SEO & How It Can Help Your Business Grow

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation has many benefits for all types of businesses. SEO is the process of improving the visibility of a website or a web page in search engines via “natural” or unpaid organic methods. In other words SEO refers to Google ranking and website traffic for your website. The other method business can use to improve website visibility or traffic is search engine marketing (SEM) which involves paid Google Ads (Eg. Adwords/pay-per-click). In general, the higher up a page your website appears in Google search results, the more likely you are to receive increased volumes of website traffic. Studies show that most people click on the top 3 search results and only a small portion ever go to the second page.

How Search Engines Works.

Before a search engine can tell you where a file or document is, it must be able to find it or know it exists. To find information on the hundreds of millions of web pages that exist, a search engine employs special software called spiders, to build lists of the content found on websites. When a spider is building its lists, the process is called web crawling. In order to build and maintain a useful list of words, a search engine’s spiders have to look at a lot of pages.
How does any spider start its travels over the Web?

The usual starting points are lists of heavily used servers and very popular pages. The spider will begin with a popular site, indexing the words on its pages and following every link found within the site. In this way, the spidering system quickly begins to travel, spreading out across the most widely used portions of the Web.

Why should you care about SEO?

92% of searchers choose a business on page 1. Position 1 gets 33% of all traffic.
Search is the No.1 driver of traffic, beating social media by 300%.
There are over 1.2 trillion global searches being conducted each month.
Traffic from SEO is FREE unlike paid traffic like PPC and Adwords and 70% of the links users click on are unpaid Ads – in other words free organic SEO links.
75% of traffic goes to the top 5 positions.
3% of consumers say searching on the internet was an effective way for a company to attract their business. Searching on Google, is 1.8x more likely than traditional advertising to have a positive impact on purchasing decisions. Mobiles have increased search volumes, in particularly searches for local businesses.
80-90% of customers check online reviews prior to making a purchase.
SEO leads have a 14.6% conversion rate, ie. Become a paying customer, while outbound leads (such as direct mail or print advertising) have a 1.7% conversion rate.

Take Advantage of these Stats, get your business found online & improve your bottom line.

Find Out How Write Marketing Corp can help you?

Located in Brisbane (Australia), Write Marketing Corp specialises in SEO Marketing for businesses worldwide. Our team will work with you to select the most relevant keywords based on the services you provide and the types of customers you want to attract. We will also be focusing on the areas where you’re ideal customers are located, and we will build pages around a core set of keywords in each of those locations. Our vast experience allows us to leverage the knowledge we have gained from working in these verticals by providing results to new clients at a quicker pace – spending less time learning the business and researching how to generate results, and more time on tasks

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The Importance of Blogging For Business

When blogging first became popular it was more a means to keep a public diary of something you enjoyed doing or admired. However, since the advent of social media, this is less necessary because we make our moods, likes and dislikes known to everyone on a daily basis through forums like Twitter and Facebook.

But where does that leave the blogging arena? The fact is people still like reading about things they are interested in as well as things that pertain to their industry. Blogging for business is a great way to inform your audience about relevant factors in your business. Not only that, but if your business isn’t blogging, chances are Google won’t find you easily. As such, Blogging is an important and powerful marketing method. It generates website traffic increases your Website's Google ranking, improves your brand awareness and reputation, establishes you as an industry expert or leader and overall can improve your bottom line in lead and sale generation.

Blogging for Business as part of SEO

Blogging is an important part of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). If your company is committed to adhering to all of Goggle’s search criteria, then you had better be sure to add blogging to your list. Having various blogs inside and outside of your website serves to make it easier for search engines to find your company through link building and keyword relevance.

The penguin, the panda and the hummingbird

Read about Google’s Panda update that was implemented in Feb 2011: According to Google, search engines now look for websites that regularly maintain the content on their website. Constantly changing and adding relevant, keyword rich content will boost your search criteria and make it easier for your clients to find you online.

Building links and piling up keywords

External blogs are just as important as internal ones. The more external sites that link to your webpage, the more relevant Google consider you to be. When these articles are interesting and packed with helpful information, they are more likely to be read by people who find your topic relevant. In addition, because your blogs are filled with keywords that pertain to your industry, they will heighten your Google search score significantly.

Know what you are talking about

Besides all of this, blogging creates a culture around what you do and how well you do it. By writing articles about interesting and informative topics, clients feel more likely to trust you with their business because of your apparent expertise.
If your company keeps its blogging up, it will maintain online relevance in many different ways. If you don’t have an in-house writer, these tasks can be easily outsourced to companies who provide this valuable service.

Don't have the time or expertise to write and optimise regular blog articles to help your business's SEO, Google Ranking, website traffic and brand reputation? Contact Write Marketing Corp and let us help you success with your blog today. Visit: or call (07) 3158 8621

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Want to know how to get more of those ideal #customers? Read our top tips on using #ContentMarketing to attract your ideal customer at

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Where to Start With Your Online Marketing when starting a new business

As a new business owner perhaps starting out on your own for the first time, it is important to invest in a robust marketing plan in order for your business to be discovered, for your consumers to engage, and for you to start generating revenue. In the beginning, it may be touch and go as to whether or not your business venture is even viable, you may have a product you believe in or a service to offer, but how do you spread the word to an audience that doesn’t exist yet?

Most often, the transition from a full-time office job into a full-time business owner may take time too. Being passionate about your idea is a start, but how do you start marketing your business, with a small budget to get maximum returns in the fastest time allowing you to gather the required budget to expand your marketing to other essential channels and grow your business.

The simple answer here is Social Media Marketing.

We recommend Social Media Marketing as the No.1 first place to start with your online marketing. And here’s why…

Using Social Media Marketing (SMM) is the most affordable and effective marketing tool that will see the highest returns, often in a very short space of time. Regardless of what you do, sell or who you market to, using social media as an online marketing tool is the best place to start for achieving significant generation of business, revenue and essential branding.

It is particularly beneficial for new business owners who may not have a website yet or be able to afford one while they are still trying to get their business afloat. While a business website is essential in today’s increasingly digital landscape and definitely something all businesses need to get at some stage, it IS possible to simply start with a social media site such as a Facebook website. In saying that, due to the huge long term benefits a professional website can bring to your online marketing, Write Marketing Corp are now offering new start up businesses $40/week websites and branding packages ($49/week for online store websites).

Take advantage of our now even more affordable, AWARD-WINNING, Lead-Generating Website Design Services with our Monthly Special:
"$40/week Website & Branding Package"

With lots of FREE bonus inclusions. (Or just $49/week for a full Ecommerce/ Online Shop website) you can get your business online or website redesigned in an affordable way, in no time. Just visit:

PLUS if you do choose to repay it in full early (within 3 months), you’ll get an additional $100 DISCOUNT OFF our already incredibly discounted & competitive prices.PLUS (INTEREST-FREE) to pay off your website that we deliver within just a few weeks, allowing you to start building your business and generating new sales at the beginning of your first year in business before you pay for it in full.

The reason social media is such a great and powerful place to start your online marketing is its instant audience reach of millions of potential new customers who spend extended periods of time on social sites of up to 1 hour every day, which also get high google ranking in their own right. Plus its Free,

Additionally, its automated audience building functionality of “friend” suggestions on Facebook for example, that focuses on suggesting members most likely to be interested in your business offers even more highly targeted potential new customer reach therefore higher sales conversions. Studies show that Social Media has a 100% lead-sales close conversion rate over traditional forms of marketing.

Furthermore, social platform highly beneficial feature of encouraging members to “like,” “follow” or share your content can even more significantly help grow your business, your online presence, again generate additional sales and improve your brand awareness and reputation, and often quite quickly. This is especially the case when correctly optimized, written and designed posts are uploaded to your social site, in line with best marketing practices on a regular basis of at least 2-3 posts a week.

The option for social members to follow or “like” your page or posts further exposes your brand and product or service offerings to even more potential customers where then all their “friends” or members also see your posts. This has the effect of also improving brand awareness and reputation as consumers trust and most often buy products and services based on their friends or recommendations of others.

Which Social Media Platforms should you use for your Business?

Not all social media platforms however are considered equal or necessarily the best or ideal option for every business. There are certain social media platforms particular business industries excel on over others. Correct choice of platform can mean the difference between ultimate sales and other goals being met and little to no results being achieved. This equates to potentially hours of wasted time and effort plus all the associated costs involved with such an outcome such as lost valuable time you could have otherwise focused on growing your business and generated much needed revenue.

At Write Marketing Corp, we advise businesses that they are better off focusing their attention on just 1-2 ideal social media platforms for their exact business, with regular weekly posting of ultimate SEO optimized content in line with best marketing practices for getting posts and social sites found in Google searches and Social searches within the social platform itself, - THEN to create social accounts for every social media platform available. All our Social Media Marketing Packages include FREE regular consultation & strategy sessions with data backed 3rd party verified analytic reporting of the results and return on investment being achieved.

Packages start from as low as just $14.25/day for our most popular feature rich Social Media Marketing Package plus a small optional additional fee if you would also like a custom designed and written content SEO optimized social media site design which consistently amplifies social media marketing results for our clients. Contact us regarding our Social Media Marketing Packages at

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Top 4 Content Marketing Trends to Use in 2017

It’s clear by now that Content Marketing is here to stay, and is a great way to boost your website traffic.

But are you on top of your content marketing trends to get the most from your content? Here are the top four trends you should be tracking to make your content go further in 2017.

1. Increasing reliance on internal platforms
Over the past few years, there’s been eroding trust in circulated content on uncontrolled platforms like social media and digital advertising.
These sorts of uncontrolled platforms are prone to upheaval, algorithmic changes, and other edits that impact your business at potentially the worst possible time.
As a result, there’s been a move for companies to host more and more of their own content via content marketing strategies.
In order for you to stay ahead of this marketing trend, one of the best things you can do is start promoting your own work, creating a digital destination that your customers will seek out and want to visit.

2. Refocus your efforts on email marketing

Email has always been a mainstay of marketing. It’s the perfect combination of cheap, effective, and scalable, and as a result is beloved by companies everywhere.
But with the raft of new channels (we’ll get onto that in a minute), it might seem like email is old news.
Nothing could be further from the truth.
Email remains an incredibly powerful marketing channel today. BuzzFeed, for example, continues to use email to enormous success, even among their new content channels like Tasty.

3. Move beyond your blog
As we mentioned earlier, there are a lot of other channels out there now, especially from the world of social media. Due to that fact, it’s time you begin to explore channels and mediums beyond your blog.

First off, the more social media channels you’re a part of, the larger your potential audience and the more points of contact you have with potential customers.

Second, the more networks you develop, the better positioned you are to locate and leverage market influencers, taking their power and making it your own.

And when it comes to moving past your blog, enriched content has a much better engagement rate almost across the board.

Whether it’s a whiteboard explainer video or a beautifully curated infographic, 2017 is definitely the year to put the pen down and pick up some other content creation tools.

4. Automate, Automate, Automate
Finally, if you want to stay competitive in 2017, you’re going to have to automate.
By using marketing automation software, you can make like deploying emails, posting to social media, and welcoming new subscribers run on automatic, giving you more time to generate awesome, fresh content for your audiences.

Content Marketing trends summary
There you have it. Four marketing trends that you can use to take your content into the stratosphere this year, and get the most bang for your buck.
Need help finding the right words? Get in touch today so see how we can help and build you a revenue generating content marketing strategy today! Visit us here at

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5 Digital Marketing Trends for Small Businesses to Create Success

How good is your grasp of digital marketing trends?

If you do business online, you know how fast things move. An internet marketing strategy that worked for your business a few years back may not deliver good results today.
The secret to maintaining an edge over your competition is staying abreast of what’s trending in the world of digital marketing.

Lucky for you, we’ve done the digging so you don’t get your hands dirty.
In this post, we’re sharing the top digital marketing trends that will drive your small business in 2017 and beyond.

Let’s get into it!

Video Will Drive Digital Marketing
When it comes to digital videos, the numbers speak volumes of what the future holds.
Here is a brief breakdown of the top stats:
Online video generates 41 percent more traffic to a website.
92 percent of consumers who watch video on mobile share with friends.
70 percent of marketers say videos generate more conversations than other content types
Online videos increase product purchases by 144 percent.
Video creates a lasting memory - 80 percent of viewers can recall what they saw a month later.
Couple these stats with the fact that YouTube – not Bing or Yahoo – is the second biggest search engine, and you have one more reason to start shopping around for a good video camera!

Oh! And one more thing.

Be sure to optimise your videos for mobile, since 52 percent of internet users now access the web from smartphones, tablets and other hand-held devices.
Online Influencer Campaigns Will Drive Sales

Influencers are people with a large online followings, and they're perceived to be an authoritative voice on various issues.

Perhaps you're asking, “why should I pay someone to market my product and services instead of using established channels?”

Well, simple answer!

Although influencer marketing is one of the newest digital marketing trends, about 50 percent of marketers are planning to spend more money on influencer campaigns in 2017. This means the strategy works. Besides, influencer marketing is cost-effective and enhances your brand awareness.

Your Personal Brand Will Get More Valuable

You and your business are like conjoined twins.

What affects your personal brand will also affect your business brand. As such, growing a strong personal brand can improve your business bottom line.

Here is how it works:
A potential customer hears about your business but wants to know more about it before making a purchase. He heads over to Google and performs a quick search about your company and its founders.

What do you think will happen if the customer finds you have no personal online presence? Your guess is as good as mine!

Digital innovators are always hard at work to bring you better and cost-effective digital marketing tools.

As a business owner, staying on top of what’s hot and incorporating it into your digital marketing strategy can keep you ahead of the pack.

But, what if you don’t have the time to monitor the trends?

Partnering with digital solutions provider to keep tabs on the trends as you focus on managing other fronts of your business is the best way solution. Get in touch with us today.

Not many people will feel comfortable shopping from a small online business with anonymous owners.
So, ramp up your personal brand this year!
Big Data Will Get Even Bigger
How well do you know the numbers behind your small business?

For instance, where do you draw the vast majority of your customers from? What’s the average age of your consumers? Which ads are delivering the best results?

Understanding the numbers of your business is critical to designing an effective marketing strategy for your target audience.

In 2017 and beyond, more small business will hire big data consultants to gather and crunch the numbers. By 2020, the big data market will hit $9.4 billion, up from $1.7 billion in 2016.

Google Got Ears: Voice Search is Shaking Up Things
Are we seriously getting tired of typing things into Google?
It seems so.

The rise of digital personal assistants such as Siri is driving the growth of voice search and, well, it’s much faster to talk than it’s to write! Since 2008, voice searches on Google have increased by 3400 percent!

Optimising your local business for voice search enhances your chances of getting found on Google and other major search engines.

The Takeaway on Digital Marketing Trends

Digital innovators are always hard at work to bring you better and cost-effective digital marketing tools.

As a business owner, staying on top of what’s hot and incorporating it into your digital marketing strategy can keep you ahead of the pack.

But, what if you don’t have the time to monitor the trends?

Partnering with digital solutions provider to keep tabs on the trends as you focus on managing other fronts of your business is the best way solution. Get in touch with us today at:
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Write Marketing Corp was recently announced as the winners of 2x Awards, chosen by Best Web Firms, an internationally recognised authority, and from thousands of other companies from around the World:

Write Marketing Corp - Complete Digital Agency are Award Winners of:

* No. 1 Content Marketing Agency 2017
* Best Responsive Website Design Agency 2017

Announcements can be viewed at:

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How To Build a Strong Online Presence When Starting a New Business

Building a strong online presence is critical in an increasingly digital world. Your audience, ie. your customers will connect with with you through your online presence more than any other media. Whether you’re building a blog, your business or your personal brand, there are particular online marketing tactics that will build you a strong online presence and therefore should be incorporated into your marketing strategy. The following article outlines the four (4) key marketing strategies that will best generate an overall strong online business presence that will boost your followers, SEO (Google ranking), website traffic and social engagement.

Aside from setting your online business goals and determining your target customer audience, a website is essential for any business and online presence. Did you know only 50% of businesses actually have an online presence? This is an astounding fact in our ever increasing digital landscape.

Did you also know that a huge 80+% of all initial searches by consumers actively looking for products and services they are wanting to buy, start online from their mobile device?

This is also why having a mobile responsive Website Design is essential, ie. a website that displays correctly on any device, not just a desktop. With 80+% or more consumers ready to buy products or services doing their initial search for these items online you can understand why a website that best presents your offerings is critical to your ongoing success. Not only does it generate additional leads and sales and give you an online presence, but it adds credibility to your business.

It is important however, that your website is fully search engine optimised (SEO) with thorough keyword research and competitor analysis to ensure your website shows up at the top of google searches for your selected keywords. There is no point having the most stylish, stunning website out there presenting the best product or service available, if nobody knows about it, and this is where good SEO Marketing comes in. The following 4 points outlines the brief basics of good SEO.

Some basics on good SEO include the following:
First, make sure your page titles are unique and have clear terms. Your titles should include your focus keyword and ideally though not as essential these days, be in your web page’s url.
Second, avoid using a single title like “Signs” across all the pages; use specific names like “Main Street Signage”. This makes it easier for a search engines like Google to find the information.

Third, make sure your URLs of your website pages are user-friendly. Clear titles are a good start. A URL with relevant words is easier to find than one with complex and cryptic terms.
And lastly, make sure your site is easy to navigate. The user should be able to visit other pages and find his or her way home without trouble. This helps search engines understand what content is important. Social Media is part of the equation but more of this to follow further on in this article.

2. Content Marketing

Content Marketing, a fairly new type of marketing can greatly assist your business in building a strong online presence and in fact without it you don’t really have a presence at all.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is basically a type of strategic marketing that involves the creation and promotion of online material, that is engaging and compelling, often search engine optimised and offers value to your audience ie. potential customers. It could includes videos, blogs, social media posts, educational articles and website content. It’s purpose is to drive profitable customer action. A good mix of content assets is the optimum goal for building a strong online presence.

3. Social Media Marketing

Social media is another very important avenue for businesses wanting to build a strong online presence and has a very real potential to amplify and supercharge your brand. At least 78% of small businesses now get around one quarter of new customers via social media. There are 1.8billion active daily social media members on the various social media platforms which opens up a huge possibility of reaching a whole new level of additional customers for your business.

There are many different social media platforms you can utilize to reach and engage with your audience and build your online presence. Here are some top tips for using social media successfully to powerful contribute to building a strong online presence for your new business:

A) Know your Target Market:
Do thorough research to ensure you know the complete profile of your ideal customers. For example, What industry are they in, what hobbies and interests do they have, what age group are they in, where are they located, what are their job titles.

B) Only create Social Media Profiles for platforms suitable to your business: Not all social media sites are suitable to all businesses.

Not all social media platforms are suitable for every kind of business. You need to research which platforms your customers spend their time on and focus on those. You are better off to only have say for example a Facebook account and a twitter account that are highly relevant and beneficial to your business specifically, than have a profile for every possible social media platform available.

C) Create Content:
You’ll need to create regular, engaging and compelling content that is educational in nature, valuable to your audience and offers a solution to a problem they have. The purpose is to establish yourself as an industry thought leader, build your brand and over time build a strong online presence, if implemented correctly. You’ll need to do research to discover what your audience are currently searching answers for. Tools like Google analytics, Google keyword planner, Buzzsumo and Quora are some tools that can help.

D) Analyse & Tweak:
Ensure you set up analytics for each social media profile you create. From Facebook insights to Google and Pinterest analytics there is a wealth of data at your fingertips. Take the information you cull from your analytics and adjust your strategy accordingly.

If you require assistance with this step in your marketing strategy, you can schedule a FREE, No-Obligation Marketing Consultation & Strategy Session with Write Marketing Corp, a top digital agency based in Brisbane Australia, and get free advice and help on how to do this plus lots of other helpful information and insights on your exact business that will further help you build a strong online presence and much more.

These consultation & strategy sessions can be conducted in person for those located in Brisbane or alternative via easy, no account sign up or download, teleconference (recommended), Phone or Email at a time convenient to you.

To Schedule Your FREE Consultation & Strategy Session With Write Marketing Corp (click here)


4. Blogging

Lastly but very importantly creating and maintaining a blog for your business is a hugely beneficial and essential component to building a strong online presence for any business. It assists with defining your brand’s voice and builds trust since you’re creating and sharing useful content.

You can set up a FREE Blog on platforms such as Wordpress, Tumblr and Blogger, however you must then regularly post to your blog to ensure you receive the benefits this powerful marketing avenue can produce.

If you would prefer professional assistance designing and creating a business blog that coordinates with your website and brand, Top Digital Agency, Write Marketing Corp offers low priced custom blog design services that additionally includes 3x FREE professionally written, custom blog articles for your blog, keyword and Google ranking optimised with free high quality, relevant custom designed graphics or images for each blog articles.
For A Limited Time, when you sign up to Write Marketing Corp's monthly Newsletter you will receive up to $100s of FREE services by way of a discount coupon.

Key important components of blog posts you upload and share on your blog include:

Content should be search engine optimised with relevant keywords within the blog post and title.
Blog posts should offer valuable, interesting content to your audience that answers questions they are seeking answers to for problems they have.
Each blog post should include a subtle, CTA (call-to-action) to prompt customer to a desirable action (eg. complete a form or request a quote) but your articles shouldn’t promote your products in a too “sale-sy” manner as the aim of a blog is to provide valuable educational information to your audience, gaining your business status as an industry thought leader and expert in your industry


These are my four (4) key, top suggestions for the best online marketing strategies to employ for building a strong online presence, when starting a new business. If you follow these tips and plan, research and create an online marketing strategy incorporating all these, you will be well on your way to gaining a strong online presence for your new business that will also generate you leads, sales and business growth.

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