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Saya menulis artikel ini dalam rangka memperingati peristiwa penembakan John Lennon 36 tahun yang lalu.

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Menyambut hari AIDS sedunia, saya menulis ulang cerita tentang Rumah Cemara. Selamat menikmati...

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nice presentation!

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Landing is a key
The Anatomy of a Perfect Landing Page - infographic
Lift Conversions Through LANDING PAGE DESIGN

A high converting website is extremely important as it enables you, as the webmaster, to get the most out of all the users arriving at your website.

Below are some tried and tested design improvements that will help your website convert better.

Read it here:

Graphic courtesy of: +Formstack

#infographic  #ConversionRateOptimization #SEO   #websitedesign  

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the number 1 gives me a shock

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New Species On Human Family Tree Discovered In Ancient Mass Grave

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Nice song to nod a bit

Listen to Our Blue Dot - Barenaked Ladies by Barenaked Ladies #np on #SoundCloud

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Way to go uncle Billy!
Here is another photo from Billy and Alexis' surprise wedding.

Photo by Myrna Suarez

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Basic Google analytics guide 
I'm sure many of you know that Google analytics is one of our best tools as a SEO but some web masters are still unsure on how they can get the best out of the data it provides.

Here is a very basic guide to Google analytics that will take you from adding goals to how to show specific user data:

#seo   #seotips   #googleanalytics  

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Ilmu lagi nih...
How do you measure content marketing success?
Ok, you're convinced that content marketing is important. But how do you measure it? The folks at +Curata put together this awesome infographic to answer that question!

Read more here:

Breaking down measurement into seven categories, this infographic tells you all you should be looking at to find out if your content marketing efforts are successful. Which of these were you already looking at?

#contentmarketing #infographic #marketingmetrics
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