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Karin Hiebert
Karin Hiebert is an advocate for survivors of abuse, and enjoys writing.
Karin Hiebert is an advocate for survivors of abuse, and enjoys writing.

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Woke up to #Winnipeg May Long Weekend Snow! Life in Winnipeg! 
Winnipeg Weather May 18
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One of hubby's works of #Art  a masterpiece. Such talent this #Winnipeg   #Artist  has!

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Excellent Google list. 
Shortcuts through G+ Universe
Updated: May 5th, 2015
Sometimes you don’t want to click many times to reach the destination. I decided to make a list of the ones I could find. Bookmarking some of them will help you, when you don't remember how to get to them or to get there faster. Bookmark your favourites.
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Karin Hiebert ~ An example of a Twitter status. The owner of this salon "Linda Gershman" in #Winnipeg from #OneSalonandSpa
"One Salon and Spa" chose not to reply publicly, along with other Twitter statuses. Linda Gershman chose to reply in a text message, and then blocked anyone who Retweeted the Tweet.

Was this a good business move?
How else could the owner have responded on a social media platform like #Twitter?
Was responding directly to someone via a text message a good or effective way to respond?
Was Linda Gershman or her business presence on the World Wide Web One Salon and Spa responding in a professional manner?

Would you do respond this way to a public Tweet or mention of your business? 

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The truth about Social Media #quote
Whether it's Google +, Twitter, Facebook or any platform online, what is said about you or your business, or what you say is on 'record'

As a business you need to be responsive, helpful, and acknowledge your followers. Regardless of what is said. Social Media can make or break your business. ~ Karin Hiebert #Winnipeg 

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Once annoucement. NO! I am no longer work at One Salon and Spa.
Hate having to repeat myself, however seems neccesary at this point. #Winnipeg   #Hairsalon owner #LindaGershman of "One Salon and Spa" in Winnipeg #OneSalonandSpa  click on the blog link to read more...

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I'm sharing a professional business update;

As many of you know I had made a commitment long ago and made an official announcement that I had joined One Salon and Spa; and that we were finally open for business.

As of March 17th, I am no longer associated with One Salon. The owner and I had very different visions for the salon, and since we were no longer a match, it was decided we should part company.

It is never easy going through such challenges, however, I do see the positive.
This whole experience reignited the deep passion and longing that I have for doing hair, and working with people - Something I've denied myself for far too long.
I'm excited about getting back into the business full time again, and I am actively working to that end.
I wish One Salon only success.

I'll be making another announcement as to where where I will be located.


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#Quotes #Goals Truth...

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Well, that was short lived! Not surprised.

It never ceases to amaze me that people become insecure when you have something to say, or valuable insight to share.

Whether it's on sharing ideas, sharing your past successes and experiences, or just simply have a concern or two regarding the business, and what's going on that can affect the business and team as a whole.

I'll always speak up, and stand up for what's right. I'll give it my best; unfortunately sometimes your best simply isn't good enough, or it's not appreciated. Nor do some know what to do with the best once they have it.

I wish them well, and do hope that current and future team members will be treated with the respect they deserve.

Note; go with your gut instincts, the instincts you feel at the very beginning. If it sounds too good to be true; believe that.
Don't believe every promise made...promises are easily broken.
Don't waste precious time on other people's dreams...go after your own dreams. You can only depend on you.

When one door closes...another one opens.

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