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+Chris Boyle is doing some amazing stuff with Meta Watch
Catching up with +Meta Watch: widgetified my notification hack (x2: icon/ongoing, size varies). Source on github now, APK after testing. Also on my fork: press B for +Remember The Milk tasks, no longer need to recompile. Set API key & filter in prefs, login via browser.
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:-) Just waiting for +Richard Munn to check in the shiny phone-battery-level widget in his screenshots on the forums. To that I intend to add, if he hasn't already, indication of lack of signal / lack of data connectivity. This seems the next obvious important thing my watch isn't telling me; if I go out of coverage I'd really like to know about it, perhaps with vibration too.
sweet thanks ill check it out ... I have been a major let down on the metawatch front :-( to many projects at once !
+Chris Boyle - about to start releasing it all now - the battery level widget lives in a "Phone Status widgets" class, so adding phone signal and wifi widgets there would be great
All pushed to git and uploaded. I'm going to start moving the "Idle Apps" (media player) into its own class, and make an "InternalApps" framework like I did with the InternalWidgets
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