A quick update for all you gamers out there: Over the past few weeks, we’ve added 5 new games to Google+:

- CityVille
- Global Warfare
- Mafia Wars 2
- Resort World
- Triple Town

With more than 20 games to choose from, you can spend your time fighting the walking dead in Zombie Lane, building your dream metropolis in CityVille, fighting those dreaded ninja bears in Triple Town, and much more.

We’re just getting started! We’ll continue to improve the gaming experience on Google+ and add to our family of games, so that you’ll always have more ways to entertain and challenge yourself and your friends.

In fact, why not try to beat +Sergey Brin 's score in Angry Birds (http://goo.gl/nFoMs) or +Emily Rocke 's in Triple Town (http://goo.gl/5FCjc) right now? Only a handful have managed to do so...

Click on http://plus.google.com/games to play these and other awesome games!
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