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2 know about me join me..
It is always a pleasure to b loved rather than to love.. and it is much more nice to b loved by some1 whom u love

Hi every1,

I'm a guy, lonely, single( I m still waiting for the one who can come to me to hold my hand and walk along with me),  full-time worker, simple, lovable, caring, emotional, humorous, trust-able, talkative and friendly. My lifestyle can be described as 'Work, work, work... and when I have time... chat online and browse' But sometimes... I just need to stop daily chores, to change a little, and dedicate a while to fun with new friends. I like to chat with frnds, on net or on mobile… also luv to hang out with frnds..

This is the reason why I'm here! So, when I find a moment, I'll come and buzz with you if you want.

looking for some "on bed action" (well not really, jst kidding), i'm a descent helpful, caring nd understanding guy, loves to hang on for full tym masti, support, etc. after all tht is what friends are meant for.. u can contact me for more details/info

My passion is to exceed your expectations and fulfill your desires, ensuring that the moments we share keep you smiling until we meet again.

I have a witty, flirtatious and happy personality coupled with a naughty imagination that makes me a compelling and charming companion. I am affectionate, romantic. I can be sensuous, playful, naughty but I am always loving.

i may be stupid 

i may be kiddy 
sumtimZZZ i may be nAUghty 
i maYY go insanEEEE suMMtimes..... 

bUT da fact z i m alwaySSS meEEE 

U may not lik MEEEEE 

buTT ......
i don care !!!!!!

For al dose who think dey r diFF 
& r proud of ITTT

somewhere my personality test gave me following result : - 

I'm an  Introverted Sensing Feeling Perceiver(ISFP) personality commonly referred to as "The Gentle Artist".

About Your Personality TypeYou are nature’s balm: the soothing presence who calms us when we are stressed, who reminds us of the delightful spontaneity of childhood, and who shows us how to appreciate nature and all living things. But as easily as you bring happiness to others, you can bring sadness to yourself when you fail to see your strengths, focusing only on your limitations.

ISFP when in love

Love for you is an all-or-nothing experience. Because you tend to shut out the rest of the world so you can experience love more fully, you can be vulnerable to the whims of your beloved. Devotion and flexibility are two of the most important qualities you, as a Gentle Artist, bring to a relationship. Your genuine and almost innocent expression of love can make the right person (and yourself as well) very happy. But you must make sure you have chosen a compatible mate, because once you fall in love, you are riding a roller coaster that is almost impossible to stop.

ISFP where to meet

Where can you meet a Gentle Artist? You can meet the Gentle Artist everywhere art, fashion, nature, children and animals are present or discussed.

har chehre mai aap nazar aate hain.. 
har mod pe aapki yaad satati hai.. 
jaantey the aap, hum sirf aapke hain 
phir bhi tod gayein aap hamien; 

aapki jazbaaton ki hum kadr kartein hain 
par ye aansoo toh koi aur kahani bayaan karti hai 
gar the hum galat, toh chahat kyon hui hamari aapko 
gar the aap waffa, toh kissi aur ne leekha kaisey naam dil pe aapke 

khafir na tha main, 
phir kyo badnaam kiya us sachhey pyar ko 
oonch-neech ki sharam haya toh saath khoya humney 
phir munh kyon akela mera kaala ho? 

un ilzaamon ko hum kaisey piyen 
us dard ko hum kyon sahey 
jo aapney naam kiye hamare 
dil hai ye hamara, koi ret ka dariya nahi 

silsilon ko aapne hawa di thi 
main toh bas behta chala gaya, 
paas na aatey khabie hum aapke 
aapne jo shikwaa na ki hoti khabie humsey 

waqt ki daur mai aap hamein toh bhoola dogey 
par un haseen lamhon ka kya 
jo hamney saath gujarey the 
wo toh khabhi na juda kar paaogey khud se aap 

kho diya humney aapko, 
kyonki paaya tha mainey khabie.. 
toh kya gar aap kissi aur k ho gaye 
hum toh aapk hi the hamesha se... 

katata nahi ye pal 
bagair aapko yaad kiye; 
gair ho aap phir kaisey, 
kehar dhaaya mujhpe aapne. 

saanso main baduaain hai aapk liye 
lavzoon mai hai aakrosh 
armaano k khoon ka badla , 
taqkdeer le aapse, 

aarzoo hai ye hamari, 
bekarari ho aapko bhi naseeb 
us tadap ko, zara aap bhi mehsoos karo 
aur dard, sirf hum muqqarar karein aapko...


To love, not to her but myself; and I am hers!!!!!!

To resist myself is to fight myself, 
to loose & to win are both mine;

And the returning, are just irresistible pain & endless tears.

The torture and the harassments aren’t physical, 
though the wound is deep inside the heart.
Intellect and intelligence fails to answer; 
the virtue of the path is dark and terrible.

What I have left with myself 
are the killing nightmares and the haunting days. 

The sun rises and sets back,
The earth rotates and revolves,
The world moves on & run to live,
And I demand a deep breathless sleep…

I whispered “Set my soul free apart from this materialistic body
and I will have a smile on my motionless face”. 

To loose and then gain is a Die Hard Fighting Spirit,
But to gain and gain & gain and finally loose is a 
compromise with yourself, your self confidence 
and your true love.

The smiles exchanged, the kisses awarded, the promises made & the words shared
are forgotten, lost, broken & are taken back.

Now the greetings are just given 
but are not accepted with the same warmness
Neither is returned. Well, this wasn’t desired 
but the warmness was definitely expected.

The emotions burst into tears and the heart 
cried aloud to break the deadly silence.
Hunger isn’t felt any more and the cuts 
doesn’t make any difference,

Might be the intensity isn’t too high or 
is suppressed because of the pain I already have.

Hurting and killing me never responded well,
Might be I haven’t done enough for the proper result or 
would have thought of her happiness;
That I used to feel whenever I visited her.

There will be always a bit of her in me,
I will always be under the debt of her love, 
affection and the pleasure she gave me for my comfort.
A place of hers in my heart will always be vacant; 
no one is even capable of filling that ever.

Ever one dares to look into my eyes, 
will find immense love for her;
Dive into my heart, search into my soul, 
her name is engraved every where.

To love, not to her but myself; and I am hers!!!!!!

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