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Real Estate Marketing and Listing Syndication tools for REALTORS
Real Estate Marketing and Listing Syndication tools for REALTORS

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We asked, and they answered. We're sure their words of wisdom and their unique insights will prove enlightening and invaluable as you set on your own real estate path.

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 In this roundup of the 30 best webinars for real estate agents and brokers, experts spill their secrets and give you their best advice for how to succeed in real estate.

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Blogs can be a valuable business tool! Here are some great tips to help you start - or  continue to enhance -  your business blog.
How To Succeed With Online Content In Real Estate
Content marketing can be an extremely powerful tool in real estate, if properly done!

One of the first steps to being successful with online content in real estate is creating epic content.  

It's also important to excel in content curation as well as building a strong relationship with other successful professionals who succeed with online content!

Check out this article over on +RESAAS | The Real Estate Social Network™ that provides some great information relating to succeeding with online content in real estate.  The article can be found at

Be sure to check out the resources throughout the article from other top blogs and bloggers including +Point2, +Paul Sian, +Bill Gassett, and +Easy Agent Pro!

If you think others may benefit from this article, please consider sharing it socially.

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No one's scarier than the tax man!
The scariest of Halloween costumes. 🎃

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Just a's "Fall Back" Sunday in the U.S.! We might lose some daylight hours, but that extra hour of sleep makes up for it!

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Another Point2 Agent success story! Read all about how Jim Wheeler maintains client relationships and brings in new leads with his Point2 website and blog.

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Just in time for our spooky weekend!
Do I Need to Disclose a Murder Or Paranormal Activity?
When you are selling a home do you have to disclose these things? Do you know your states disclosure laws?

If you are a real estate agent or home owner selling a property you should!

With Halloween at our doorstep I though it would be fun to review these types of disclosure laws.

Enter the article at your own risk!

#realestate #paranormal #hauntedhouse  

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Point2 Homes received 2.32 million website visitors for the month of September and accounted for 26,600 consumer leads during September, a 54% Y-o-Y increase!
 Fall generally see a slowdown in activity in the real estate market, but this increased growth in website visitors indicates that even in autumn, homebuyers and sellers are active and motivated. For example, traffic from Ottawa grew steadily, despite the seasonal slowdown, registering a 6% M-o-M increase and an 85% Y-o-Y increase!

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Great information here if you're selling (or looking to buy) an infamous abode!
Disclosing Murder, Haunted Homes and Sex Offenders
Do you know the laws in your state when it comes to disclosing a haunted home, murder or sex offender?

You dam well better unless you don't mind getting sued! Every real estate agent and home owner should understand the laws surrounding these issues in their state.

In the article you will see what you need to know about disclosing murder, suicide, a haunted home or sex offender in the neighborhood.

There is also a cool site that tells you whether a death tool place within a home along with excellent contributions to the article from +Debbie Drummond and +Bankrate.

Take a look and share if you find helpful.

#realestate #haunted #murder  

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We know #tgifriday  is tough for our  weekend working all-stars. Hang in there guys!
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