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Last February We lost Al Jarreau.
I'm not sure if I even blogged about it, but this man's passing was a major one for the marching band community.I was thinking about posting about this Friday. It's wild to me that Chuck Berry Passed today (yesterday). As for Al Jarreau, there were numerous...

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The Legendary King of Rockabilly Chuck Berry has passed away!
I was introduced to Chuck Berry's music through Movies like "Back to the Future" which used "Johnnie B. Goode" as a signature tune. If you remember the scene from the dance when Marty plays it. "Hey Chuck, I think this is the sound you've been looking for!...

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It's Been A Minute.
So much has happened and I've been Absent. Absent from blogging due to distractions. There's lots of work to be done. I've got photography work which hasn't been completed. There was an event in February, as well as Mardi Gras. On my part, I've wasted time ...

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The Status | The Value | The
Below are my thoughts as written on as of today: I've been very lenient with my moderating of the things here on due to past complaints. I've added moderators over the years to assist me in making things better. The way I see thing...

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Phone Brand, Models and Operating Systems.
I find myself posting about the use of mobile devices on facebook a lot.More specifically, cellular phones. Most phone users only know the brand and model they are using. Many don't have a clue about the operating system they're on. If you aren't sure, that...

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Everybody Struggles
All through life, we are introduced to examples of success. Though many mediums we've gotten to know everything about our favorite celebrities. It's typical to dream of having their wealth and status. We do it because we assume they are living well. What ki...

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Black Conscious Debacle
There’s nothing wrong with considering yourself woke, conscious, enlightened, awakened, etc. Especially if it makes you a better person. But to begin to use the knowledge to belittle folks, It becomes a problem. The Problem Worsens when you associate your n...

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The Dating Game:
I'm not a fan of dating because it doesn't represent a legitimate relationship. When someone tells me that they are dating, it says to me that they are interested, but not ready to commit monogamously. It tells me that you have other plans on other days to ...

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My Xbox Game States from 2016
If the photo link above does not work, Here are my stats listed below. Gamerscore earned in 2016 1,720.which ranks in the Top  22%  of the XBOX community Achievements Unlocked 101 is compared to an average of 55 in 2016 Most Played Game Skyrim - My Most Val...

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Popcorn | The Dream
On Facebook just days before Carl's funeral. I woke up to a dream where he popped up, then faded away. As mentioned in the last thread, during the funeral Carl's aunt reflected on giving him the nickname Popcorn. It was very touching considering I had such ...
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